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    Legal actions during the Spoga + Gafa 2012 Cologne, Germany
    During the Spoga + Gafa 2012, that took place in Cologne (Germany) from 02.09.12 until 04.09.12, Honda took legal action against six companies exhibiting products which are believed to be counterfeit. The following companies were exhibiting copies of Honda general purpose engines mounted on pumps, generators or tillers:

    1. Zhejiang Kaishun Tools Co. Ltd. (Zhejiang, China)

    2. Shandong Hengxing Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Shandong, China)

    3. Zhejiang Kebei Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. (Zhejiang, China)

    4. ChongQuing SanDing General Power Machinery Co. Ltd. (Chongqing, VR China)

    5.Suzhou Warrior Machinery Co. Ltd., (Jiangsu, China)

    6. Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd. (Chongqing, China)

    The court granted preliminary injunctions against the six companies, this is a temporary measure to prohibit sales and marketing of the infringing products until a final verdict is announced. Preliminary injunctions are only given when the court is convinced that there is a clear case of infringement. Honda will continue to pursue, by all legal means, the manufacturers and distributors of imitations, in order to protect the market, and more specifically the end-users, from confusion.