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    That's petrol-engined cars for you. Why, oh why is this highly dangerous fuel still tolerated in the 21st Century???
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    How do you know that Seb it’s a petrol car? It Could have been a diesel car. Petrol cars are far safer if made by responsible manufacturer and driven responsibly by their owners. As for banning petrol you need to realise Diesel vehicles emit more harmful particulate pollution, and these particles can not only be harmful as a total mass of coarse or fine particulate matter, but they also contain harmful carcinogens such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.. .
    The fuel that needs banning in the 21st centurey is Diesel, the anti diesel drive is already begun..:Grin: Thank god for small mercies.

    Diesel fumes more damaging to health than petrol engines | UK news | The Guardian
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    It looks to me (mostly from the rear wheels, admittedly) like an M3.

    Fortunately an even worse disaster was averted by the arrival of a diesel-engined vehicle that put out the flames and stopped an even larger quantity of petrol catching fire.:Smile:
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    Isn't diesel less flammable than petrol?

    Does look like an M3, but could easily be a some low spec diesel since people tart them up with M sport goodies.
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    Nice to see the price of petrol and diesel has balanced out again :Smile:
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    One of our local fuel retailers has them the same price, while another actually has diesel at 1p/L less... apparently there's an international glut of diesel at the moment! Let's enjoy it while it lasts...
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    Could be a 320 coupe
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    BMWs seem to be more often the victim of car fires than other makes. I've been keeping a fire extinguisher in the trunk of my Legend since before I had an electrical fire scare.

    It was the middle of winter and the car had already been locked up in the garage for months. One day I went out to check on it and the battery was dead. Not, "oh it won't start". Zero volts dead. I hooked up my battery tender for a couple days and monitored the parasitic loss over the course of a week. Everything seemed normal so I didn't think about it until spring. Replacing the door lock actuator on my passenger front door is a job I'd been putting off for about a year. I got to working on it the first warm spring day. When I get to removing the wire loom, I discovered that the plastic harness fitting is completely melted. The door lock actuator or the loom itself must have closed a circuit which, over the course of hours, caused the plastic harness to get so hot that it melted, somehow without tripping a fuse. If this had caused a fire, it would have gone unobserved in the garage. It would have been long odds that anyone would wander out there to see the problem before it ignited the house.

    So I guess that's why you should remove your battery for winter storage and why I'm glad I fancy vintage Hondas over vintage BMWs.

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