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Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by Ben28, Sunday 17th Apr, 2016.

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    United Kingdom Ben Shetland
    Hi guys
    Do you think it would be possible for me to change the oil myself without a jack / ramps etc?
    I have the jack with the spare wheel but I wouldn't put myself under the car supported by just that.
    Any lifehacks out there for this?
  2. Zebster Guest

    I'm guessing you've not done an oil change before? It isn't difficult at all, but you're right to be concerned about working underneath a vehicle supported on a basic jack.

    Do you have someone that can come round and help you with your first attempt? Practical demonstrations of how to safely support a car, how to undo an overly-tight oil filter, how to remove a sump plug without filling your sleeve with oil, etc are all priceless! You'll also need something to drain the oil into and a funnel to then get it into a container for disposal.
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    I've been crafty before and used the edge of a curb.
    On a corner so that both wheels are on it - gives you the height to get under.
    Put it in gear and chock the front wheels and then Jack the centre middle - I don't know where with a car jack but I've done it with a trolley Jack.

    Remember to take the car for a drive first to get the oil Nice ABS hot
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    United Kingdom Ben Shetland
    Thanks guys :Smile: I've changed the oil on a xantia before so I was able to put the suspension in 'high mode'. Haha probably shouldn't have got under that but I was young and foolish.
    I suppose a couple of axle stands wouldn't cost much. The last place that changed the oil on my FR-V said the sump plug was a bugger to get to under the under trays etc.
    I haven't found a garage that I trust round here yet and I wanna make dead sure the correct oil gets put in.
  5. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    Totally agree with @Zebster

    Personally, I always jack up the front of the car, not necessarily for ease of access as I have changed the oil on my Accord so many times, I don't even have to look for the sump plug, but it helps angle the engine so that the sump plug is at a steeper angle and assists with draining the oil out. Also, make sure the car has been out for a run so that the oil is runnier. Issue here is that the oil will be hot when you remove the plug so you have to be very careful not to get it on you.

    Axle stands are cheap - well worth the cost of safety. I've seen what happens when cars fall on their owners - not pleasant

    :Laughing: - done that a few times I must say
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  6. MickyB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Just a little something for you Lidl currently have 12v oil pumps on sale. You basically put a tube in where the dipstick goes and the other end into a empty container connect up to a 12v scource and it pumps the old oil out without any mess.
    That way you have very little spillage when you remove the sump plug and the filter.
    Don't know how good they are but I believe a lot of these service centres use them.
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    I rarely ever put a car up to change oil as long as there is enough room to get the drain pan under it's enough. Most filters can be reached without a jack as well, but if the first time changing it I'll usually get it up on ramps or jack stands because you never know how tight the $#@& thing is going to be on there. In future changes I'll know I did it right and not cranked it on too tight and oiling the o-ring. I do agree with Zebster if its a first time having someone to help walk you through safe jacking, support and methods, hopefully has the right tools in case the filter is stuck will give much more confidence in the future.
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  8. RobsyUK Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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    If you're concerned about a garage using the wrong oil you could always supply it @Ben28
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    United Kingdom Ben Shetland
    Thanks everyone :Smile: we don't have a Lidl in Shetland but I might have to get a mate to send me one up. Would be so much easier!
  10. MickyB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Sorry should have looked at your location first. Try eBay you might get one from there. As a guide they are around £13 from Lidl.
  11. Zebster Guest

    Certainly would make the oil change a doddle on the diesel, what with the filter being high up and easy to access under the bonnet... You wouldn't even have to kneel down!
  12. Ben28 Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    I think the diesel takes 6.5 litres IIRC... but if the sucky thing doesn't get all the oil out.. Im guessing the sensible thing to do would be to measure how much it sucks out and then put that amount of fresh oil back in and measure from there?
  13. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I don't know about the 12 Lidl one but my Sealey Compressed Air oil extractor (Sealey TP6903 Oil Extractor (compressed air operated) (Tools - ) works really well. Any time that I've also undone the drain plug afterwards to check if anything was left, nothing has come out at all.

    The only thing is my silent air compressor doesn't have enough output (CFM) to keep up with the demand of the extractor, so I have to kick in the dual piston air compressor which makes one hell of a racket. So I don't often use the extractor.
  14. Zebster Guest

    No, it would be better to slowly add the fresh oil while monitoring the dipstick (with the car on level ground).

    You've not said which diesel you have, but while the I-CTDI does indeed hold a total of 6.5L, the 'change' volume is only 5.9L, e.g. Honda expect around 0.6L to remain behind when draining out the old oil.
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    I have the pela 6000 oil extractor. It works really really well in extracting oil out. It's a very well made piece of equipment. i change the oil every 4500 miles because it's so easy with this tool. Each line you see on the round container is a 1 litre mark. As you can see its nearly getting 5 to 6 litre out. That is pretty good considering the ICTDI takes 5.9liter to refill. image.
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  16. DieselPower Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Pela 650 seems to get better reviews than the 6000.
  17. MickyB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Is that mechanical ? Ie you us the pump to extract the oil!
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    England Dave Birmingham
    I'm liking the look of one of those, I live on a hill with a slopped drive so not that safe to jack a car up on. This will solve that problem for changing oil without having to travel to the old mans to use his drive.
    Nice one, thanks for bringing that to our attention :Thumbup:
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    Good for you old man you won't need to get on your knees , jack and car get your hip replacement done. You can to that in your sleep .:hairout: