Bulletins & Advisories Oil Jet Bolt Replacement on Honda S2000, 00~02YM

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    Honda have issued the following TSB #HUK000000000034 dated 20-03-2003 for all AP1 for model year 2000, 2001 & 2002. MY00, MY01 & MY02

    Honda Motor Company Ltd., have determined it necessary to conduct a Product Update in order to rectify a potential concern with the piston oil jet bolts on certain Honda S2000 engines.

    Under certain conditions, the lubrication and cooling of the pistons may be insufficient. If the engine is continued to be used in severe high load conditions this may result in premature wear of components and an increase in the engine operating noise level.

    The flow characteristics of the oil jets may be insufficient under certain engine operating conditions.

    The flow characteristic of the oil jets has been changed to improve piston cooling and lubrication.

    Application to Production Line

    Affected VIN Range

    JHMAP1***YT000001 - JHMAP1***YT999999
    JHMAP1***1T000001 - JHMAP1***1T999999
    JHMAP11302T000001 - JHMAP11302T201493

    Corrective Action
    Replace the oil jet bolts as described in Repair Method

    Market Treatment
    All owners of vehicles within the affected VIN range will receive a notification letter from Honda (UK). To ensure no inconvenience to our customers Honda (UK) has instigated a call centre as an alternative customer contact. All affected vehicles will be repaired free of charge to the customer. Due to the time necessary for this repair and the profile of the customer, we recommend that an appropriate courtesy car be provided.

    Repair Method
    1. Remove the dipstick, ignition coil cover, ignition coils and spark plugs.
    AP1 1.
    2. Raise the car on a lift.

    3. Remove the engine stop bracket cushion.
    AP1 2.
    4. Remove the A/C compressor 2 lower mounting bolts. Do not remove the A/C compressor.
    AP1 3.
    5. Remove the engine mount stiffener.
    AP1 4.
    6. Drain the engine oil and re-install the drain bolt temporarily.

    7. Rotate the engine at least 3 full turns. This will empty the oil pump and most of the oil galleries.

    8. Remove the oil pan and the baffle plate.
    Note: Apply liquid gasket to the oil pan when reassembling
    AP1 5.
    9. Place a plastic bag over the oil pump pick-up and keep it in place with a rubber band. Clean off the oil from the lower engine with clean towels.

    10. Rotate the crankshaft until you have a clear access to cylinder 2 and 3 oil jets, and remove them.

    11. Dispose of the oil jet bolts, clean the oil jets and put in the new oil jet bolts. These can be recognised by a higher bolt head and 4 holes.
    AP1 6.
    12. Using a T-wrench of at least 60 cm long with universal joint, install the oil jet and bolt assembly.
    Care must be taken when inserting the oil jet.
    Ensure that the bolt screws in smoothly, there should be no resistance. Screw in the bolt slowly, making sure the oil jet is located correctly.
    The oil jet has a locating pin, ensure the pin is located before tightening the bolt. Torque the bolt to 16Nm.
    Fit the oil jets to number 2 and 3 cylinders, torque the bolts to 16NM.
    AP1 7.
    13. After cylinder 2 and 3 are fitted, rotate the crankshaft to assist in access to the oil jets of cylinders 1 and 4. Replace
    the oil jet bolts as described in point 12.
    Place the balancer weight in the lower position, as shown below, to make access to the oil jet in cylinder 1 easier.
    AP1 8.
    14. Install all parts in reverse order of removal.

    15. Fit new spark plugs as detailed in bulletin Product Update- Spark Plug Replacement On Honda S2000, 00~02YM.
    Ensure VIN marking is also carried out as per the bulletin.

    16. Replace the engine oil drain bolt washer with the new one supplied in the kit and torque to 39 Nm. Fill the engine with new oil.
    Note 1 : During the assembly in the factory, new engines are filled with engine oil plus an additive called molybdenum. This additive facilitates the running in of the engine and its components. If the engine being repaired has covered less than 6,000 miles, add a can of molybdenum additive.
    Adding molybdenum to an engine with more than 6,000 miles has no positive effect and therefore is not needed.

    Note 2 : Molybdenum is not available for retail sales. The number of bottles in stock is sufficient to cover the affected cars. Use for retail sales can seriously affect the completion of this campaign. Do not order for any other reason than this campaign.
    Note 3 : Regardless of this campaign, the normal service schedule still applies for oil change. If the car is close to a
    scheduled oil change, than the oil change for this campaign can be registered as the scheduled oil change.

    17. Punch a completion mark below the 5th digit of the VIN on the bulkhead as shown :
    AP1 9.

    Parts Information
    Oil jet kit (4 oil jet bolts + 1 drain plug washer) 04150-PCX-000U (UK only)
    MolybdenumH0820-99991U (UK only)
    Liquid gasket 08C70-K0234M (or locally procured equivalent)
    Spark plugs Refer to bulletin Product Update- Spark Plug Replacement On Honda S2000, 00~02YM for part number.

    Sample Customer Letter
    11th September 2002 Direct dial number:
    Private and Confidential Reference:
    Customer Name
    Address line 1
    Address line 2
    Address line 3
    Address line 4
    Dear Customer
    Honda Motor Company Ltd has determined that it is necessary to conduct a Product Update on certain Honda S2000
    During our continuous development programme, we have discovered that, under conditions of prolonged severe engine loading, it is possible that insufficient lubrication of the engine could subsequently lead to increased noise and accelerated wear. Whilst it is necessary to conduct this Product Update, please rest assured that this is not safety related. However, we want to ensure that this situation is resolved for you as quickly as possible, with the minimum of inconvenience.
    According to our records, your vehicle falls within the range of vehicles which will benefit from this Product Update. Therefore, may we politely request that you contact the Aftersales Department at your local Authorised Honda Dealer or alternatively the dedicated customer helpline (whichever is most convenient for you), to arrange an appointment to carry out the required work, which should take no longer than half a day. During this modification, we will be taking the opportunity to fit new spark plugs to ensure optimal engine performance. Should you require details of your local Authorised Honda Dealer or have any questions regarding this Product Update, our customer helpline number is 01189 458447, which will be available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm with immediate affect. If you no longer own the vehicle, may we politely request that you complete the “Change of Details” section below, and return it to the FREEPOST address enclosed. This will ensure that our records are correct. On a more positive note, S2000 continues to win various accolades in the motoring press, coming first in its category in the 2002 “International Engine of the Year Awards” for best engine performance. As a measure of our confidence inthis engine, we would like to provide you with a tailor-made extended engine guarantee for a period of 12 months,
    commencing as soon as the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Our priority is continued satisfaction with your vehicle. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.
    Yours sincerely
    Honda (UK)
    Steve Oliver
    Head of Customer Department

    Sample Questions and Answers

    Q. What is it being replaced on my engine?
    A. The oil jet bolts which control the oil to the underside of the pistons.
    Q. What is the purpose of these oil jet bolts, what do they do?
    A. The jets spray oil onto the underside of the pistons to regulate their operating temperature.
    Q. What will happen if I continue to drive my vehicle without this work being completed?
    A. You may experience an increase in engine operating noise level and a drop in performance. We recommend the improved oil jet bolts are fitted as soon as possible.
    Q. My engine may already have suffered damage, I want a new engine.
    A. If your engine currently shows no abnormality in operating noise levels or any decrease in performance your
    engine has not been affected. This action is to remove the potential for any future concerns to occur.
    Q. Does it involve major dismantling of the engine?
    A. No, only the engine sump requires removal to gain access to the oil jet bolts.
    Q. I also understand the spark plugs will be changed, why?
    A. We wish to take this opportunity to fit an improved spark plug which will give optimum performance and durability.