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    It may come as no surprise that after several months of increasing prices at the pumps the lubricant industry are now increasing prices, in some cases this is going to be a considerable increase.
    The good news (before you shoot the messenger) is that the cost of Synthetic oils will remain the same for the foreseeable future, this is Exol's policy and does not reflect what is happening throughout the oil industry where many companies are already increasing prices accross their range.

    There really has not been a better time to buy the oil you need in bulk (25ltr) when compared to buying in 5 litres which are expensive now and will only get worse, so if you have'nt considered this option yet take a fresh look and see the savings you can make, the cost of motoring is only going in one direction UP

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    Sad time indeed but it wasnt not unexpected. Thanks for the headups Tony.