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    Bear with it. I'm new round here.

    Fact 1: I'm currently driving an Audi TT 2.5 TDi, a company car that I've decided not to replace in March when its lease is up, as I do very few business miles nowadays and it doesn't make sense... better off taking the allowance.
    Fact 2: I still need a car.
    Fact 3: I'm 48. I feel I need some quality execmobile that suits my advancing years. Something large and German, probably.
    Fact 4: My Dad died just before Christmas. I'm administering his estate. Amongst the many ballache issues associated with Fact 4 is 'What do I do with his car?'
    Fact 5: He loved his car. Banged on about it all the time. Didn't pay much attention, always been more into bikes for thrills and thought he was just trying to justify not having bought something large and German, the tightarse. Never even driven it.
    Fact 6: It took a while, but suddenly thought 'I could drive his car for a bit, stop it constantly having flat batteries from sitting idle, would make it much easier to find the car I want if I don't have to buy one to a deadline'. Because he hardly drove it at all in the last couple of years, too ill. Just ran it with the door locked every now and then to keep the battery charged.

    Which is how come I have taken possession this week of an immmaculate, black '08 plate Honda Legend, stinks of fags - which is what ultimately killed him - and has... wait for it... 14,000 miles on the clock.

    I have probably put no more than 30 miles it. But, :tut: hell, what a car! Floor it, it takes off. Goes round roundabouts quicker than the TT and probably weighs twice as much... I can't believe how much I've fallen in love with a car in three days! And jeez, what a load of technology... I still haven't worked out which of the clever lanekeeping stuff, adaptive cruise control stuff, stuff stuff it might have, as the manual is War and Peace squared, but it's clear that the standard kit is pretty extraordinary. Absence of anything beyond CD for music is a bit of a bind, but I can forgive it that for having the best stereo I've ever heard in a car.

    So... sanity check someone: What issues am I likely to have on a Legend with such minimal usage to date? It's way overdue a service (booked in in for Honda Dealer Service in a couple of weeks) - should I get a Honda Warranty on it? It's had regular flat battery issues (all the tech I guess, coupled with no usage). What should I look out for (aside from surprised 5-series drivers in the RV Mirror). I have zero mechanical nous and tons of technical nous (as in IT)... And what have I probably overlooked that might make me love it even more?

    Parkers says 8.2 to 9.7k for a model with this mileage... (I need to value for probate, and to split fairly with my sister) but Honda service chap was surprised at this much, reckons they couldn't get much more than £8.5 off their forecourt. What do you chaps reckon?
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    Bar the occasional alternator burning out, we hardly ever hear of any issues on the Legends at all. The low usage itself shouldn't be a problem for it. It's the lack of servicing that will hurt the value and perhaps make it harder to shift (sell on). It could ideally do with a full service, changing all the fluids.
    Check the service manual see when the timing belt change is due.

    They are a fantastic motor, very much under appreciated though.
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    Firstly sorry for your loss,

    Being a Legend owner myself I can say without doubt that being such a low mileage example it is unlikely for you to have any issues with it mine has just recently racked up 60k and the only thing I needed to change mechanical was the alternator and a battery other than that it has never let me down.

    It seems your in a situation where you need to sell it if that is the case I would advise you sell it privately and not to try to go to any dealership as they will give you a rock bottom price for the car. Depending if your after a quick sale or not I would think £7k - 8.5k for quick sale a little more if your willing to wait these are realistic prices the ones you see on auction sites and auto traders asking for much higher prices don't seem to sell , and there are many reasons for this to name a few the Honda Legend is a very expensive car to run they a very thirsty on fuel the tax alone and the constant re-fueling scares off many potential buyers . Have you considered getting rid of your TT and keeping the Honda Legend instead if I was in your shoes I would keep the Legend as they are rare and very underrated cars the technology was way ahead of its time. For me personally the more you drive the Legend the more you fall in love with the car , all the safety functions whilst driving are worth keeping the car alone and the SH-AWD system is so sure footed in all weather conditions.
    In the meantime I would strongly suggest finding out as much as possible about the car what it has to offer you and then decide whether you want to keep it or sell , as mentioned if I was you I would keep it and get rid of the TT lol
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    Heh. Perhaps I wasn't clear... I LOVE this car! The TT has to go in March anyway and I am keeping the Legend. Just seeking to know as much as possible, as quick as possible, so as to avoid anything that might make me suddenly love it less. I would have had to buy a new car in March anyway and probably would have budgeted £15k, so figure I'm quids in keeping it. And it avoids the headache of having to realise its value for the estate - but I do need to put a sensible value on it, because estate will be subject to IHT, so application for grant will be scrutinised - and I have to value it fairly to agree split with my sister (she and I are only beneficiaries).

    I can see how the tax and fuel economy would put buyers off - but I'm not big mileage at the moment, and used to big tax bill, our other car is a Qashqai+2 2.5 TDi (which is not much better on the fuel either). As overall components of the running cost they pale against the minimal depreciation of £1-2k a year. At this mileage, I want to keep it for years, it feels like a new car anyway.

    Thank goodness for oil-price collapses!
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    @timfg, you'd be seriously surprised what the Japanese side of the market has to offer in general, I firmly believe many make the supposed "Premium German" market look pretty cheap and naff.

    The Legend is an absolutely fantastic car, I agree with @SpeedyGee's sentiments about giving her a full service before anything else. If the fuel costs rise again, you can always LPG her :Smile:
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    Was just about to suggest lpg also, the ideal solution if you start doing higher mileage.
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    They are such a rare car, I wouldn't personally LPG it as it can put off future buyers. Also being a lower mileage user, you are unlikely to recoup the cost of conversion (and the fact they use LPG at a more alarming rate still than petrol).

    They are however complete sleepers and great cars. The mileage won't be an issue, just get it a full service and check over, then use it and keep history from now on. You should get many years of luxury motoring and your only stress will be what on earth you could replace it with when the time comes.

    The adaptive cruise is great. Set it at your desired speed on the motorway and no more having to flick it off all the time when cars pull out into your way as the car just detects them, adjusts speed, then accelerates again once they are out of the way.
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    I'm sure I read that the adaptive cruise and lane detect when working together only lasts for something like just under 20 seconds when in operation, is this true? I think it was to do with the Honda lawyers scared that in event of an accident it could be said that Honda was actually driving the car?
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    Sounds like pish to me mate as would be no point having if that was the case. However the car I have driven with adaptive cruise and lane detect is not a Honda so I cannot say 100%. Give it a go, if it works like the ones I have driven, it is brill - you would never want normal cruise again.
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    I've tried it for more than 20 seconds and it didn't disable itself :Wink:. I'm yet to try it for more than couple of minutes, though.
    @timfg here is a thread dedicated to adding USB/AUX to the legend ICE & HFT - Adding USB and Aux to Legend gl!
    maintenance schedule for severe conditions (as you've never done any maintenance before :Wink:): Maintenance Schedule for Severe Conditions
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    I'm 31 & feeling great driving this car :Tongue:.
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    I think it's only when it's actually controlling the car and not just when activated. I'm sure it was from an article or website so don't know how much truth there is in it hence asking here.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Ah found it. It is on the dishonest john review.
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    Yeah, the system was never designed to control the car instead of you. It shuts itself off when you take hands off the steering wheel for more than several seconds (not sure if it's exactly 20 seconds).
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    there no time limit which the car will cruise and lane keep assist I use it all the time to and from work , the auto steering again has no time limit as long as the computer detects that your in control of the car. if the system does not detect movement in the steering wheel it will sound a audio alarm warning the driver ( just a safety function for drivers who nod off at the wheel I guess ) . You also have a option in which when your cruising that it will keep a safe distance from the car in front , the distance again can be adjust via the controls on the steering wheel , so it will follow the car in front and will automatically apply braking and accelerate it need be again automatically. Basically when you have all those functions on the car pretty much drives itself , it will even assist in steering for you also as long as you have your hands on the steering wheel. Works really well and if you had a hard day at work using these functions will actually make driving home so much relaxing
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    sort of... but still, more work needs to be done by honda engineers to get to this stage: :Wink:
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    That all makes sense and works the same as the car I have driven with these functions. Now you have clarified that is switches off only if it detects you have taken your hands off the wheel - I understand.

    I am used to it having 3 settings for the distance to the car in front. Then set your speed and you can drive then with no feet as it does all the braking and accelerating for you (assuming on a motorway here, no junctions). Personally I think adaptive cruise is really good as also a potential licence saver as you don't have your speed creeping up without you noticing (easy done in a luxurious car which wafts so effortlessly).
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    Pity, I now realise my Legend doesn't have the ACC / Lane Keeping / Collision Detection Stuff :-( But it does have parking sensors, which are pretty useful in a car this size.

    The Pop-Up Bonnet warning light has been on since I started driving it, hoping this is something to do with being jump-started as battery was dead. And I've just pumped up the tyres, which are meant to be 32F and 30R - all were at around 20!!
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    Yes the ACC / CMBS / LKA are fantastic features to have on the car. I could not live without it now.

    When I bought the car over 2 years ago, I never thought id use it but now I'm using it on all motorway trips.

    It seriously is the best car ever. I recently was contemplating buying a Merc S63 or S600L but the reason I haven't is because I can't bear to part with the Legend. No point having two cars sat in the drive.

    Only thing I would change on my Legend is wish I had a blue one. Love that colour and think the Legend looks really nice.

    Timfg, I had the pop up bonnet light come on recently. Holdcroft Honda in Stoke kindly sorted me out. Turned out to be a rogue sensor.
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    @Samantha - I must agree here, I think I could find room for your NSX in my garage :Whistle:
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