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    United Kingdom Bob Fishguard
    I've come to Honda late in life (my first and only experience with them was the 50cc Moped from the sixties, I think). Also this on-line Thread business has me floundering.

    I have a 2002 CR-V petrol auto with 45k on the clock. I bought it November 2014 and despite paying for one of the 'check it out on line' sites, found that the only place it existed was on the DVLA data base. The reg number wasn't on the Insurance data base, nor the DB that parts' suppliers use. So I contacted Honda UK; after some haggling, I got onto Honda Europe. They'd never heard of it either, nor the VIN which was in numerous places about the vehicle (Yet the VIN indicated it had been made in Swindon in 2002). After some weeks, Honda Eu said they would put it onto their computers, which seems to be slowly purcolating through. How can they make a vehicle, yet keep no record of it?

    However, I love the car. As it was claimed to be maintained by the same (non-franchise) garage for all its eleven years I've set about getting my local mechanic to do the jobs I recon the Selling Dealer would not have bothered with. Major service; Auto fluid flush and change; Dual Pump Diff thingy flush fluid and change; what used to be called a 'fan belt' and now appears to be linked to a pond in Regent's Park; and a new set of what we used to call 'boots' (the new All Season Vredesteins) but in a slightly larger size (215/70 R15). This size corrects the error on the speedo and now it matches my satnav. They also give a quieter, smooth ride, and when I tested them on soft ground with wet grass today, excellent grip.

    If you've read this far, you may be able to help me; how do I create a thread to ask about timing chain tensioner wear? (I've used the search function looking for tensioner info but to no avail.)

    I look forward to spending many hours reading other CR-V owners thoughts.

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    Hi bob,

    An unusual colour that I don't remember seeing before.

    Your timing chain should be fine for a while considering the low mileage.
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    I travelled 240 miles to buy it as it was the only one I could find at the time in that colour. I call it bronze, DVLA call it brown, and the dealer that sold it in 2003 called it Mojave! i've seen a few since i bought mine, like you do!

    I've read somewhere that the tensioner wears away from about 50k and the chain thashing about causes it to wear the pins, until it jumps one of the sprockets. I'd rather pre-empt that at this stage as i'm having a lot of other work done. But I can't find where I read it so I wanted to find something in the threads to confirm or deny the matter. How do I open a new thread?

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    Bob, welcome to the forum.

    Where did you read this about tensioner thrashing and wearing out pins ?

    The only time that happens is on engines that have been very badly neglected and oil changed extremely infrequently. I've fixed a few of these where the chain has slipped and all had very evidently been badly maintained and all of them that I have fixed were very early Civic Type-R models. So owned on the cheap by youngsters and thrashed to inch of their lives.

    If the service history is good and there's no sign of sludgy oil (look inside the rocker cover through the oil cap hole) then you have nothing to worry about whatsoever.

    K series powered Hondas are amongst the most reliable cars you can get.
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    United Kingdom Bob Fishguard
    I read it somewhere on the web when i first bought the car last November. But, as I'd rather not spend any more money on a 'new' s/hand car, I'll stop worrying about it!

    Thanks, Speedy.
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    Welcome to HK Bob.:welcome:
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda:Karma
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    Thank you gentlemen for your kind welcome messages.

    Despite being retired, I don't seem to be able to find enough time to investigate the various threads; but I'll get there!
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    8/4/2015 Senior Moment - SB Hyde Park!