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    Andrew Langley
    Hi guys

    An old git with a 2.4 Accord Type-S (2003) here. My name is Andrew, I have been a 'Honda' fan for many years :Smile: I am a full time purchasing manager but here's the twist, I help my mate out on the weekends at his garage in Harlow that specialises in repair and tuning mostly in.. Hondas lol. I had a 1998 5 Door Civic 1.8 VTi from new and gradually started modifying it over the years.. It was 2010 when I decided to break it up and sell the parts as a 12 year old car modified wasn't worth much to be honest. The final product in the end was:

    370 WHP
    AP racing brakes
    Supercharged etc.. I won't bore you with the details :Aghast:

    On the flip side, the Accord is totally standard and I love it, Just some subtle mods I did with factory original accessories, the biggest project I have done was to install an Alpine head unit to it without ruining the looks of the dash, I find those horrible Autoleads brackets for the Accords are really ghastly to look at IMO :Blushing:.

    I managed to source from Honda in Japan the lower 'cage' that replaces the massive cubby hole in the front and it was designed to house I think the DVD rom for the sat nav or something.

    Pics speaks louder than words.. I will post some up later of what I did.

    Anyway pleased to meet all of you, I've been on forums before on the Honda scene with my Civic but its been many many years now.. As the famous words of Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon.. "I'm too old for this s**t" :lol:
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    Hello Andrew and welcome to AOC.
    Sound like you had a lot of fun with the Civic.Looking forward to see pics both of your Accord and Civic.
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    Welcome to AOC, Andrew. Good to have you abroad.

    Look forward to the pics.
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    Andrew Langley
    Thanks for the warm welcome fellas :lol:

    Heres some pics.. I didnt take any of the car as its just a Type-S :Smile:

    However inside...


    OEM boot mat, OEM Cargo net and Acura TSX horizontal cargo net


    can't resist my OEM Honda first aid kit.. :tut: I know lol


    Accord Euro R lower panel - matches the Type-S 'carbon' look exactly.


    Then behind it lurks the Alpine with the digital sound processor, bluetooth car kit (mic hidden in the alarm ultrasonic panel), Alpine plug and play amp (its tiny!)


    Hazard light switch and LOOM nicked from a 07' onwards Exec.. 03-05 has that 'dull' looking matt finish switch, this is the glossy type


    Replaced the normal puddle light with a red LED jobbie.. I reckon its better :Smile:

    DSC01014. DSC01019. DSC01028. DSC01038. DSC01049.

    Then my faithful old Civic I had since new...
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    Hello & Welcome along, I used to have a MB6 VTI-S in Pirates Black best car i've ever had.