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    Hi Happy Honda owners

    On a very personal note I would like to say a big thanks to all of you who have replied to my questions, some may have been strange I freely admit.

    To all those who are not yet members - Why Not?:Unknown: No brainer here...

    This site has honestly saved me a small fortune, having bought an 2005 Accord Diesel even though it had only done 72k when I got it, I found through the site that I could get my cracked manifold fixed by Honda for free. I would have taken to my Ferrari - Porsche specialist friend who would not have known about the extended warranties but would have sorted it for a fair price - out of my pocked but thanks to you peeps-Honda sorted for free :Smile:

    Further more I have found a cheap but quality source of oil for my car so can happily afford to change the oil every 5-6k and not wait to hit 12.5k like Mr Honda says and thus kill my engine through a shot cam chain... Yes thats another point, cam chains, I had no idea they could be a problem..
    Another point HH cheap Honda Parts... DISCOUNTS FROM MAIN DEALERS :Aghast: NO WAY....

    In the bad old days of VW Audi ownership I used to pay through the nose or have to resort to lesser and in many cases pants cheap rubbish from the likes of GSF - Pagid brake pads.. STAY WELL AWAY...

    Honda is my first Japanese car, a toe in the water if you like. I have to say though I am very pleased with it..

    Would not hesitate to buy another accord - in fact we will be soon as my wife liked mine far more than her VW Passat TDI Sport Estate. So she is on the hunt for a late 8th Generation Tourer oil burner.. But she is all about the color and spec so the hunt goes on, must have leather, satnav and all the toys!. Secretly I am quite pleased as I quite like the tourer to and the 8 is fab looking car.

    I am a member of several forums, VW - Audi and my love 2nd Generation Golf GTIs of which I have had countless.. Oh almost forgot SAAB bless them may they RIP..

    i Know way more about those cars than Honda (20 misguided years of German ownership) but I catch on fast :Smile:

    Any way many thanks to everyone, and a big thanks to you for developing a great site and a great community. Look forward to getting my AOC sticker and looking out for you peeps wearing your..

    Take it easy

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    Thank you for your feedback Keith. Feedback like yours is a proof to why this community was set up.You don’t have to buy services or products on this community to be the flavour of the month or to be accepted as a regular member.This community is all about enjoying sharing and appreciating all things Honda, and is one of the reasons why we see a lot of viewers on our forums.

    These viewers have not translated into members as of yet but I am sure they will soon as soon as our enthusiasm catches them.
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    I think Keith's comments echo my thoughts perfectly. I'm also a first time Honda owner and the huge resource of knowledge accompanied with the ability to source OEM parts through an affiliated dealer at discount prices not only makes owning a Honda easier but also makes it pleasure. I always maintain my car to high standards but have previously always had to make do with after market parts and well known brands of popular car manuals. But being able to source genuine parts at 3rd party prices, and reference genuine Honda material through here, allows me to keep my Honda original and maintained to a higher standard so its quality and reliability is never compromised.
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    Feedback is honest and sincere, I wish I had moved from German rubbish to the Japanese cars 3 years ago when I looked at an Accord exec but was twitchy about Jap cars back then more from the point of view of running and repairs. I liked the car though and it was a close thing but the Germans won the day that time, don't know why as my old Dad bless him had loads of Japanese cars and he liked them all for differing reasons.

    Sites like this are the way forward for all enthusiasts, no one should be shy about signing up this site is a quite remarkable place to gain knowledge or expand on your existing knowledge, share experiences or just make new friends and help others.

    As for me I am converted, I love the Honda brand, the style quality and performance is fantastic value for money no question.

    My one and only regret is that I didn't buy my first Accord years ago.

    AOC played a fair sized chunk in my decision making to finally go Honda before I even signed up to this site. I paid a few visits and fumbled through various threads which even as a non member at the time saved me money when buying my car as it gave me knowledge and understanding of what NOT to buy.

    Great great site well done guys.
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    Thank you for the feedback on the site. I've not been on recently but can so many new members and feedback like yours is so nice to read. :Smile: