Engine & Gearbox One step forward, two steps back clutch woe.

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    I have just bought my 04 I-CDTI diesel from a chap who had given up with it after a raft of trouble.It has some dealer service history til about 116k then indy garages up to now 143k. last serviced (full apparently ) 10 thou ago even has a newish set of Pirrelli boots on.

    It had been stood for 6 months and he told me it had a constant starting from cold problems, but the rest was relatively ok after it ran given the amount of paperwork that has come with it, I had no doubt to question what he has told me.

    I have only had it a few days and have just about assembled all the parts for a full service all fluids filters etc .Would start after a blast of easy start, then run ok, have reset the ECU twice and stiil had and error code 3184. After fitting a good charged battery it would spin and start very reluctantly.
    Glow plugs tested ok resistance and voltage the glow plug circuit hissy fit was a red herring.

    Today I have installed a new Honda fuel filter as I now know after research this is the ONLY choice fuel filter for this motor, the offending Mann or some German sounding under capacity fuel filter, (which looked like the fuel lines had been connected back to front) was duly given short shrift ,and to my delight after fitting and priming the Honda fliter, I cleared the code and it fired on the second attempt.No warning lamps remain lit after staring , revved quite freely from cold, well chuffed.

    I was so happy at getting the full range of revs back I was confident enough to give it a road test.Clutch fluid level was within marks when I left today, since yesterday and today I have driven it about 25 mile in total with smooth gear changes. So a little spirited jaunt this evening but not the full italian tune up job :Wink: Brakes ok ,steering ok ,lights etc the lot everything functioning well, until something happened with the clutch I have never experienced before.

    It got very difficult to change into gear all of a sudden, and the bite point hit the floor ok I think, classic symptom hydraulic leak, slave ~ master- seals , pipe line failure perhaps, then suddenly the pedal forced my foot up off the floor, just managed to get it home.

    I have also drained 2 litres of over filled engine oil out, with my pela pump via dipstick.Given the way this car has been mistreated, (but not by its ex owner ) I fully expect the gearbox oil to be incorrect one way or another as well.

    So today I've gone from glory to disappointment in a very short spell, c'est la vie.

    Now apart for check for the obvious lack of fluid in the reservoir ,what do you all think is ~ could the problem ~ remedy be .
    Is the slave cylinder external on these cars ?, I expect the slave to atop the clutch pedal as per normal.

    Thanks in anticipation guys.


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    The clutch master cylinder is a very well documentated problem on the CTDI Accords. They start off normally as creaking, to have a complete failure like that shows a lot of neglect. I replaced both on my car (Changed the CMC again just last week in fact to a decent brand)

    Oh, welcome to HK and put your car in the club garage, it then appears under your posts and helps people identify your car easier.

    From your description, it sounds more like a collapsed pressure plate rather than the hydraulic system but I am sure that @SpeedyGee will be able to advise further

    If you do wish to see the placement of the master and slave cylinder, check these two links out

    Clutch Master Cylinder Installation

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Installation
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    Thanks for the info and links :Smile:
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    I would start by checking the clutch fluid and probably changing that first up.

    If that does do it then, confirm it's not a CMC or CSC issue. If they check out find then you'll be looking at something internal, pressure plate etc.