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    Does anyone know if Honda installed wiring for any optional extras on the PFL Accord 7th Generation tourer?

    Just curious if I can install any goodies on my car without hacking the wiring. I'm sure I read somewhere about wiring being in place for rear parking sensors, for example - but I could be wrong?
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    Hi Galgo,
    AFAIK: no wiring pre installed. Also not for parking sensors. If you buy the Honda Original parking sensor kit, it's plug and play, but that's because you can use the Original connectors on the car, in combination with the accesorry kit. I did buy non-Original parking sensors, and had to take power from the rear light by cutting that wire. But that's no problem at all.
    I also did install a trailer hook, Honda Original that one, and no wiring was in place. All came out of the accessory box. Also there I could use the Original connectors in combination with the accessory connectors.
    It's same for seventh and eight gen. cars.
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    As @i-DSI says, there is not normally any extra wiring. Any accessories are either plug and play through extension cables or, you have to splice into the wires. I had to cut into the reversing light as well to take power for the reversing lights. An easy enough job and for the sake of saving a few hundred pounds, well worth it. I have the Cobra A0394 parking sensors, which are the same flush ones that the higher marque cars use.
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    If its parking sesnors yu are fitting, I have just re-fitted mine as I had after market laser line ones fitted that were 1. ugly big things and 2. picked up phantom objects and would beep for no reason so got on my nerves.

    bought cheap colour coded ones off ebay for £15.

    1. the colour match is absolutely spot on, 2 the range is much shorter but they seem quite effective.

    Fitting is pretty straight forward and a fairly easy DIY

    just my 2p's worth ;-)
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    Thanks for the info guys. :Smile:

    Yeah thinking of installing parking sensors at some point (along with a reversing camera). Do the non-Honda kits come with an installation guide (or should I say, a guide that shows you where to drill the holes in your bumper)?
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    Mine did tes was quite good for £15 LOL
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    Have you got an eBay link to the ones you bought, Tony?
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    I'm not sure if these were the exact ones I bought but they look very similar.

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