ICE & HFT Options for switching out non-Premium Audio

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    Hi guys

    I am exploring various options of switching out the ICE in my ES GT Tourer and would like a little bit of advice please. Having just sold my old car today with all my lovely equipment, I was very sad to see my amps and sub go. I want to look at putting new gear into my Accord but need to know what limitations I might face:

    1. Can a sub be fitted into the area where the premium sub would normally go? Would I need to get rebuild work done in the form of a cabinet?
    2. Does the premium audio have another pair of speakers further back from the ones in the rear doors? If so, where?
    3. Does the non-premium stereo have any extra speaker connectors on the rear that just aren't connected or are they missing completely?
    4. I am looking at double-din fascias and have found DAB Car Radios, In Car DAB Radios, Digital Car Radios; can anyone recommend any particular ones with good build quality?

    If the sub-upgrade isn't a possibility (or at least a relatively straightforward one) then I am probably only going to look at upgrading the speakers and installing a dab radio/aerial combo so some advice would be most welcome please. I realise that I should perhaps have held out for an EX model but it is what it is and I just want to enjoy my new car hehe :Smile:

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    I'm not sure I've seen anyone do a full ICE replacement in an 8th Generation Accord. So looking forward to following this one progress.

    I don't own an 8th Generation myself so unfortunately can't answer any of the questions for you.

    I think a wiring diagram may help you get started.
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    Some lad on here did a full ICE install with amps in a false floor and a couple of custom subs fitted. Anything can be done. Its just down to time and money. As for the sub being fitted it in the rear shelf I would of thought it would need to be a shallow mount free air subwoofer. It may be easier to get a sub from a breakers?
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    Is there anything very different though in the back panel on the boot area of the EX Tourer? Is there some kind of cabinet build into that area? Any EX owners who have taken out their subs your input would be most welcome please :Smile:. Jace I see you are an EX GT owner. Ever had your sub out?
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    I've a saloon so I havnt took mine out. I just had a look the once and its a shallow mounted design. Im sure it says 2ohms on it too.
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    Hello BA,

    The tourer Premium Audio sub sits in place of one of the rear boot sidewall storage compartments. The one on the left (looking from the rear open boot entrance) is a storage panel that is removable, the one on the right is covered with a metal grill with no handle as its the sub position (think a small separate sub amp might be in there too, I've never removed it).

    Its quite a small volume area and an awkward shape, so you 'could' put a stealth sub in place of one (or both) of these storage spaces in a non-premium-audio car, but to be honest, it would be much easier to put a normal sub box in the boot.

    As its quite a low volume space in the storage space, you wouldn't get much low sub bass out of anything you put in there, not compared to a full size sub box which it sounds like you are already used to.
    The premium audio sub is really a bass woofer, rather than an actual sub woofer (in freq particularly, but also in spl output).

    When i first got my car I considered upgrading the audio - including fitting 2 small 8" subs in in purpose built enclosures to take the place of the 2 storage compartments, but the built constraints would be awkward for the final result. but it would be stealth. The premium audio system is actually fine for my needs anyway, its actually a pretty good system for manufacturer fitment (if you reduce the front central speaker output to zero).

    The premium audio system does have another set of smaller speakers behind the rear passenger seats set into the rear pillars/roof of the boot (IIRC), but they won't be high powered or really full range due to their size.

    The speaker list for the Tourer Premium Audio is, I think:-
    1. FL woof + tweet components (door).
    2. FC small (dash).
    3. FR woof + tweet components (door).
    4. RL full range (door).
    5. RR full range (door).
    6. L small (boot).
    7. R small (boot).
    8. Sub/bass woofer (boot).

    Can anyone see any I've missed?

    Cheers, Mark.
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    Thank you very much for the detailed feedback Rakoribs. I take it you had Premium Audio from the start? In general my system suits my needs but would like to have enhanced it a little. I might seek some advice from a custom installer to see if fitting a sub in there might be possible. A few other projects ahead of this one first though. Thanks again :Smile:
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    Hi BA,

    Yes the car had Premium Audio installed from new (i bought it second hand 8 months ago).
    It seems to come as a group package on higher end spec cars or as an optional extra.
    Think the "Nav Pack" is the sat nav & display, reversing camera & premium audio system.
    Think they are always fitted to EX, EX GT & S-Type.
    Mine was an optional extra on an ES GT that the original owner must have paid for.

    Here is a nav pack out of a car (from a sale), thinks its missing the rear camera though:- Posts Pics/nav_pack.jpg

    The premium audio system also has a small amp in the boot (under the lifting floor, silver box behind the nav DVD-ROM drive).
    From what others have said i think its the same head unit, but the premium audio boot amp boosts the speaker level output to a higher wattage & also powers the extra speakers.
    The front centre and rear roof speakers aren't doing much tbh and the front centre just spoils the stereo imaging in the front (why i have it set to zero level in the head unit options).

    This is the thread Rich referenced with the boot install, with a description of how it was done with pictures:
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