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    Hi all,
    My engine management light has come on for the second time in the last two months with code 'P1009', which I believe is something to do with the ECU believing the VCT oil pressure not being sufficient. Last time, an oil and filter change and fault code reset made it go away. This time, I've just reset the code, and it has stayed off on a long drive. The engine is a K20A 2.0 from 2005, but I'm not sure of the variant type.
    I'm intend trying to clean the VCT filter screen next, but I've two questions:
    1) the EML came on at exactly the same point in my journey as last time (coldish engine, booting the throttle to slip onto a fast dual carriageway). Could this be relevant?
    2) The engine appeared to have an erratic idle after the EML came on. When stopped at a junction, the car was trying to lurch forward (4-speed auto box). When I put it into 'park', the idle sat above 2000 RPM (engine now warmed up). I can't see why this would have occurred if just the VCT system had been disabled. It was more like a sensor fault, and the engine going into open loop mode. Is there any common-mode fault that could have caused both idle and VCT dropout problems?

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    the VTC oil controll solenoid is the likely culprit if there is an idle issue. this sits in the chain case secured by a 10mm bolt. however its common for the timing chain to stretch. eventualy causing the enigine no stop idling all together. best whip off the rocker cover and time it up to TDC and see if the cam timing is out. other than that you will tell how looked after the engine has been by the state of the inside of the rocker cover and the upper part of the eninge. if serving has been neglected you could be running into all sorts of issues.