Detailing Paint chips and wing mirror scuff advice pls

Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by stueymalton, Sunday 3rd Mar, 2013.

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    Guys, I've got a few chips in the paintwork of my accord and I wanted some advice on the best product method to sort them out please.
    Probs got about 5 total like the one in the pic.

    Also, there is a scuff on on the plastic on the wing mirror. Anything I can do about that ?

    I also have a tiny chip in the door bung area, only visible with the door open. It is even smaller than the chip in the pic attached but there is rust in it. Could you recommend a product and process I can sort that with please ? Karust ??

    Thanks a lot and sorry for all the question.

    IMG_0468. IMG_0467.
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    Try some G3 compound to sort out the wing mirror. I used it before on my old Vectra when it too had a graze in almost the same place as yours.

    On the front bumper, short of using a touch up pen, if you can afford the hit, give it a full respray and then protect that with some high quality sealant - better in the long run and to be fair, you can get a front bumper professionally done for under £200 these days.
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    Awesome thanks buddy :0)
    Will save up for respray I reckon.

    What sealant do you recommend mate ?
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    Poorboys or Dodo juice stuff is amongst the best there is to be honest. can't go wrong with them.

    Off topic - my only grip with Poorboys to date is with their wheel sealant. I think its overhyped and crap for the effort you have to put in (which is a LOT).
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    Talking of wheels, what shade of silver are the standard Honda alloys on my FR-V please? A few little blemishes could do with a touch up.
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    Cheers. Hmm interesting, my mate swears by rim wax so will have to compare that with poorboys and let you know mate.
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    I threw my Poorboys wheel sealant in the bin last summer - waste of time (but not money as I got it as a freebie off ebay with another purchase). I'll try out that rim wax I think.
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    First job get a touch up stick in the right colour, paint code is ont he chassis plate. Honda dealer or are quite good.

    can't really see that wing mirror 'scuff', is it that white mark? if so thats on the black plastic not the paint, should just rub off with a clean cloth.

    The tiny chips you have can be easily touched in with the touch up paint, no need to respray. Just have a cloth ready to wipe it off if you get too much paint on, paint usually drips down the brush, or use a cocktail stick for really small chips.

    Black is a bit of a nightmare, you'll notice all the marks. Maybe consider getting a local detailer to machine polish the whole car, they can remove a lot of defects, this can start around £100-£200 but it will look much clearer and get rid of the swirl marks you can see in the sun. has a lot of examples of this and a directory of UK detailers.
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    ...hadn't thought of that. Genius, will give some of mine a go this weekend.
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    Thanks mate, will consider that. Would I need to wet sand after touch up as not too confident in doing that.

    Awesome, I've got some good detailers near me and might look into getting a machine polish done.

    The wing mirror is indeed a white scuff mark on the plastic on the outside of the wing mirror. The picture doesn't really show it properly but its as though the scuff is quite grainy and has chewed up the plastic a bit. Will try some G3 on it I think, with a microfibre maybe ??
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    I wouldn't get involved in wet sanding, its for the pro's.
  13. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

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    Having (finally) given the car a clean over the weekend, I got around to sorting some of the stone chips on the front bumper. The cocktail stick idea worked brilliantly, found it really easy to get exactly the right amount of paint into exactly the right place.

    That really was a "top tip" and one that I'll use from now on rather than the small brush supplied with the touch up kit...and it shows the value of the forum to share advice even for very simple things... :Thumbup:
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    In my own limited experience with wet sanding is that it really needs to be followed up with a machine polish.