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Discussion in '9th Generation (2012-2017)' started by GaryR, Thursday 26th Mar, 2015.

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    United Kingdom Gary Watford
    Hi ,
    Sadly my new Civic SR [Crystal black pearl] has stone chips on bonnet and removing bird poo [Water added] has caused scratches.

    I would like to protect the bonnet and wings and have found a website that offers Paint Protection Film.

    Paint Protection Film for Car & Vehicle Paint Protection Film

    This sounds a brilliant idea has anyone Paint Protection Film fitted ?
  2. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    I've not heard of it either, quite intriguing though.
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    United Kingdom Gary Watford
    This product could help. I was quoted for full bonnet , wings , lights , front spoiler , wing mirrors.
  5. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire
    I've heard of it, but have no knowledge or experience. VW offered something similar as an extra when I bought my Tiguan back in 2009 - it was in the accessories brochure.

    @GaryR if you do get it done, would be fascinated to know how much and what it looks like :Smile:
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    United Kingdom Gary Watford
    I was quoted £550 including fitting.
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    England Tom Royston
    I find that Supagard Bird Lime Neutraliser works well in that it rehydrates dried bird lime such that it can be washed off with minimal risk of scratch from any grit that can be embedded in the bird lime.
    I buy it on-line from Supagard web site.
    Even with paint protection systems applied it is important to remove bird lime within 24 hours, especially in summer.
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  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Supagaurd Retail at a insane £350 quid
    Cost of product £20
    Cost for labour in application £20
    Cost to dealer at bulk volume 28 quid
    you do the maths is that product that good! who having the last laugh for £280 plus quid pure profit. :gotcha::gotcha::gotcha:

    don't take my word look at ebay supaguard | eBay
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    England Tom Royston
    The last two Civic's I have bought from the Vertu Honda Group the previous owners had paid to have them treated with the Diamondbrite paint protection system at a cost of £240 inc Vat. This compares with £250 an approved independent Diamondbrite agent would charge. It does appear to give a nice smooth finish to the paint. However, I did not bother with a paint protection system for my wife's CR-V, instead I just occasionally use Autoglym Super Resin Polish & top off with Collinite No 476S Super Double coat Auto Wax & after four years paint is still as new as was paint finish on our previous CR-V after five years.
    Son In Law had a paint protection system applied last year to his new Audi but bird lime he did not notice for a short while on near side has still marked the clear coat. A trick to make such marks disappear is to spray some WD40 on a tissue & wipe over the mark. Otherwise I believe some professional detailers use a heat treatment to remove marks from clear coat.
    To remove fly-squash/bugs I find that Simoniz Bug Shifter works very well, then I use polish on the areas so cleaned. Both Simoniz & the Collinite Wax have been past Auto Express best buys.
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    United Kingdom Mark East Coast
    Forget about any 'Snake Oil that a dealer offers, if your budget allows, get it detailed professionally and pay out for ceramic finish!!,