Body, Paint & Styling Painting the bonnet/ bonnet air deflectors

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by gongoozler, Tuesday 23rd Jun, 2015.

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    After I bought the car I was surprised to find a couple of areas where the paint finish had been missed at the factory which surprised me, since purchase I keep getting stone chips, some quite large, on the main surface of the bonnet (black)... any advice on making these good, or should I have the bonnet repainted...? Also I see you can buy deflector thingies on the internet across the front, anyone know if these are effective/worth it ?
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    what areas are you referring to that were missed?
    the parts were the car has not been finished with paint or more internal than anything externally showing ... well on my car at least!

    surprised you are having issues with the bonnet being peppered ... the vehicle sits quite high so you would think that you would get less

    black paint is a nightmare at the best of times and honda paint is classed as 'light' and can be damaged easily

    if its really bad i would consider a pro respray but then thats me.
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    Main area missing paint finish is on the inside of doors, and so not seen unless open. I am thinking a pro job would be best as it's obvious if badly done.
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    Yeah it appears HUK chose to save money on production and not spray internally.
    I guess this is more noticeable due to your colour.

    I noticed it on purchase but does not look too bad in silver. It's not an ideal finish and surprisingly they done it

    I would consider a pro job ... Black is a hard colour to maintain but when it is its worth it.

    Perhaps consider a paint protection film once you have it pro repaired
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    Maybe I am too picky! I came from a Lexus car which was superb in all respects, needed an SUV type vehicle, and preferred the CR-V to the Lexus hybrid, the Lex SUV was faster and more luxurious, but the Honda was a better drive. No-one got a deflector thingy then??