Guides Pairing Your Bluetooth Phone to the HFT System

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    This is commonly asked task for the 7th Generation facelift owners, but with no definitive guide out there,it was time to make one, hopeful this puts to bed the never ending saga of how to pair your phones.

    This is a one time procedure how to pair your mobile phone

    You must pair a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone to the HFT before you can make and receive calls. Ensure you look up the compatibility of your mobile phone with the HFT system on Honda Handsfree
    The following steps show you what you need to do. You can also refer to the phone's operating manual or look up the how to do basic function on the mobile phone manufacturers support website.
    Make sure the vehicle is stationary when you pair the phone.

    You cannot pair a phone if the vehicle is moving. Your phone must be in its Discovery mode.
    Up to six Bluetooth compatible phones can be paired by the HFT.

    1 Turn on your phone, and follow the prompts to activate Bluetooth.
    2 Give these voice commands to the HFT by pressing the talk button.
    3 Follow the specific mobile phone instructions to put the phone in its Discovery mode. The phone will search for the HFT. When you see HANDS FREE TELEPHONE or Honda HFT in the device list on the phone, select it.
    4 When prompted, enter the four-digit PIN from step 2 into the phone. You will hear the HFT say ‘‘A new phone has been found. Would you like to name this phone?''
    5 Press and release the Talk button, and say what the phone name will be. For example, say ‘‘Roberts mobile phone''. You'll hear ‘‘Roberts Mobile phone has been successfully paired''. Returning to the main menu.
    To pair another phone, repeat step 1 thru 5.
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