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    I would like some help from the experienced Accord owners. I have a 2012 Accord Coupe EX L W/out Navigation. I was told when I purchased the car that Pandora would work. I was told to download Pandora to my iPhone 4g, plug the phone into the USB port between the seats and push Aux. Pandora appears to be running but there isn't sound?? Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    Hey and welcome to AOC :Hey:

    A quick search google with "Pandora help"

    Give that a try.
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    Hi and welcome to the club. I had the same issue with my 2012 accord euro. When you plug in a phone and press aux the system defaults to playing mp3s etc. on your phone, especially the last one playing before you switched off. If you haven't played a track yet, it picks one!
    Connect your phone and press aux. Now back out manually within the iphone and open the pandora applet In a few moments the mp3 track will be stopped and the applet stream will take over. Works for my 3gs and wife's 4S ( huh, how'd she swing that....?) I use Aupeo and Tune-in but i'm sure Pandora will be the same Needless to say, the sound is awesome.