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    just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with these people before?
    The reason I am asking is a friend of mine recently received a parking fine from them(not an initial one) the letter stated that "as you have not responded to our previous demand" etc etc etc
    It turns out that there is a service area just off Junction 39 of the M1 motorway this has been built up over the last 18 months to 2 years,also in that same area are various car dealerships, two pubs and a hotel and various office blocks.
    Fairly recently I noticed that there were a number of cameras installed around the area and that signs had been erected and double yellow lines painted in the whole area.
    Basically the signs say that you can not stop on any road in the area or you will receive an automatic fine of £100.
    My friend went to the service area in early August to meet a friend he had not seen in years. This was a Sunday evening. They went to the KFC for a snack and to Starbucks for coffee, they were there just short of 3 hours.
    On Friday of last week which is around 3.1/2 weeks since they met he received a parking fine stating he had stayed over the limit(which they said was 2 hours) they showed 2 photographs of his car entering and leaving with a time of 2 hours and 43 minutes, which meant he was 43 minutes over the limit.
    He said that at the time he had seen no signs and was not aware of the time limit as he had been there on a number of occasions staying over the time.
    He is not sure but thinks the signs in the services may have been put up after his meeting.
    He is very particular and picks up most things, I went down there to blow my tyres up the other day and the place is plastered with signs ( I don't think he would have missed them) they are even in the pressure wash bays.
    They even offered him a discount of £40 if he paid the fine within 24hours of getting the letter( he got it around 5 on Friday) when he got in from work, checking the opening times he discovered they were closed and didn't open on Saturdays??? ( how could he pay the fine then?)
    The thing that seems wrong is that he has read a number of things on the internet about parking eye and they seem to take bully boy tactics to extract money from unsuspecting motorists.
    Their website says they can consider an appeal one reason would be that during your stay there would have had to be a loss to the businesses that the cameras where covering?? He filled up with fuel, washed his car, then met his friend and spent money in KFC and Starbucks, so surely the businesses are not loosing anything by his overstay. It looks to me like Parking Eye have just fitted this system and are now trying to reap the rewards by penalising innocent drivers.
    I could understand if they were targeting the Sunday night Retail park boys but this seems not.
    I told my daughter cause she uses the place and she said the signs haven't been up that long.
    Does anyone know if there is a time limit for the issuing of parking fines as his letter stated that the incident happened on Sunday 9thAugust and that the original notice which he never received was sent on the 22nd August(13 days) his second notice came by normal post on Friday 4th September(26 days from the date of the offence). I think this is well over the time allowed for issuing of fines.
    I think he is just going to wait and see what comes of it, he was saying that if they contact him he is going to ask how the notices were posted and if they say normal post he is going to say he has never got them as the postal service is not the best where he lives... I think it's the same everywhere.
    Anyway guys just a word of warning beware Parking Eye I had never heard of them till now and they are not even a local company. Looks to me like the wheel clampers of old have moved on technically to using cameras.
    Oh and by the way his friend rang him on Monday to ask if he had got a parking fine because he had received one??
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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    I'm sure Mick on a speed fine its 14 days or it won't stand up in court.
    Has your Mate got the recipes for his purchase at kfc and all the other things.
    If so he might have a good case to tell them to get lost
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    What? That's outrageous........whoever heard of such piracy in the modern age? I must find a local Bobby and inform him of this band of highwaymen forthwith..........
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    Sadly only the Colonel has the recipe and he is now brown bread.......
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    Is it unfair?
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    I would say yes so what yours stance and why?
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    If I owned a parking area, then I really wouldn't want drivers taking the p*** by leaving their cars there for longer than the posted restriction time. Three hours is fairly generous for a motorway services!

    Drivers have a dreadful sense of entitlement when it comes to parking. If it wasn't for heavily enforced penalties and clamping, then an awful lot of them tend to behave dreadfully. But obviously none of us...
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    The thing that bugs me is the way it is set up and £100 fine is IMHO disproportionate

    Why not have two types of car park
    1. Green is free
    2. Red is minimum stay of set time ( say two hours ) plus pay on exit a fee per 1/2 of hour

    You can vary the set time and fee depending on the car park usage but if we all know there is a national standard we know where we stand. Then if you do not pay the due exit fee a fine would perhaps be appropriate.

    For example a simple formatted clear sign laid out as. Red 1 £1 which means ;

    Red 1 50p = one hour stay free plus 50p per half hour or part there of

    Red 2 £1 = 2 hour stay free plus £1 per half hour or part there of

    Red 3 £2 = 3 hour free stay plus £2 per half hour or part there of

    So effectively you have a clear standardised sign to look for !
    Why have all this nastiness and sense of injustice ?
    Answer ; possibly because there is more money to be made in fines rather than by reasonable charging.
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    Just looking at the sun shadow in those first two photos makes me suspect they are not time stamped correctly
    The sun moves quite a lot of shadow from 7:15 to 9:27 in the morning
    Have a good look at the shadow

    You can work it out see ref below - sun position tables, diagrams and bespoke scene shadow plotting - v1.70
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    ^ that's cool, we ought to get it to the poor wench who's been done :Wink:
    (mind you, she did say she was in bed at the earlier time LOL)
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    This sort of thing has been in operation for a while now, the Mrs and her brother both got done in Bude on Sainsburys car park for overstaying their welcome. Had to pay in the end, unless you want to pay someone to get you off with it which defeats the object :-/
    If it's legal, and I suspect it is on a service station. Then be carefull you don't rack up a heavy fine with interest, debt collector fees etc as I've known that to happen too.
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    It's actually 14 days for all offences and as the original didn't arrive I would think he has good grounds to have this overturned it's the same for his friend as well it looks like they haven't sent out the first offence paperwork and are trying it on with the second one.
    They didn't get any receipts but he has a debit card entry on his bank account for fuel that he purchased.
    He's pretty annoyed because he has been using the place from the day it opened as they have a 24hr shop so you can get almost anything and once they opened Starbucks he uses it most mornings on the way to work.
    He said he never saw the signs and didn't think much of it as he's been there that many times it was just natural instinct to go in and stay.
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    It's actually not classed as motorway services it started as a petrol station with a subway,then Starbucks opened and just a couple of months ago KFC opened.
    So in effect it's not a parking area.
    There's also a big difference between the Sunday night retail park yobs and two friends meeting for a catch up and a return of some revenue to the businesses by purchasing food drink and fuel.
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    Yes he has looked at this thanks great scourge of information. I think he's going to use their forum so he gets a stronger feel of what he can do with this.
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    There is no central parking as such there's a few spaces for the garage and 24hr shop,Starbucks have their own parking spaces as do KFC. Apparently Starbucks now have a sign displayed stating that if customers are going to be staying over the allotted 2 hours then they can inform the staff and they will be except from any penalties??? This seems a bit strange to me I wonder if they have had too many complaints or are loosing customers. Also all these parking areas have only one access road and this is the one covered by the cameras.
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    Just read about this and others as well.
    I like the guy in the Corsa whose car is pictured at different times but if you look in the background there's someone loading a people carrier with the tailgate up.?? What for Two hours!!! Dodgy.
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    If you read about Parking Eye that seems to be their fortay.they bombard people with threatening letters etc .
    I think because they have not sent out the initial notices to both parties then that in itself shows unprofessionalism on their part and sending offence notices by normal post is just asking for trouble. Signed for and you have a case but in this case you have a case to answer and I don't think they could answer it.
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    Personally, I would just bite the bullet and pay it. Move on and lesson learned, :Tea:
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    Sometimes you have to make a stand for what is right and what is wrong Steve.
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    I'm pretty sure that most of us who collect a parking fine (or 'excess charge') either didn't give a toss about where we parked, or couldn't be bothered to study the parking restrictions... far too many motorists have a massive sense of entitlement.

    In any case, the law is still very much on your side if you have been treated unfairly. As I have found a couple of times (minor overstaying in Tesco and Aldi car parks) if you bother to write a letter to the landowner with some sort of explanation then the 'fine' is often withdrawn.
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    Well they have struck again with my daughter.
    Can anyone Spot the Difference in the two photographs.
    Please feel free to say and then I'll tell you what's happened.