Pre-Facelift Model Parking sensor problem pre face lift tourer

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    Hi Guys

    Ok Got into my car this morning, put it into reverse and I get the usual two tone beep from the rear parking sesnors but then a long continuous beep which then went off and all I can here is a faint clicking from the buzzer. This is not normal as it should not beep until I get near an object like normal.

    I don't know if the sensors are genuine honda or after market? On the passenger side rear pillar next to the tail gate is where the beeper is located if it helps.

    Any ideas what could be wrong? Has a sensor failed? any help appreciated!


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    Quick update, tried it again at lunch time and it seems to be ok. Not convinced its completely ok but I suspect water ingress into one of the sensors or connections causing the malfunction.

    I did notice a very large "rain drop" on one of the sensors this morning so perhaps thats what the issue was.

    I'll update if there is any change.
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    Tony can you get an image of this sensor ? it could be a simple case of using some DI-electric grease on the connectors to stop water ingress into the wiring loom.