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    Hey everyone,

    I am currently cursing..... Lots!!! Wet sole of my shoe slipped off the clutch yesterday resulting in the car lurching backwards in to the corner of a garage, smashing the rear light lens, scratching the bumper in several places and damaging one of the rear parking sensors.

    Managed to replace the light at a quite reasonable cost and this is now fixed, but the cable has broken about 1cm away from the parking sensor at the back of the bumper. I thought I may be able to rejoin the two ends with a terminal block or something but there is an inner core on the cable so don't think that will work!! Does anyone know where I may get a single replacement sensor or if the cable can be changed and where I may get one? Have looked on the t'internet but can only find complete sets. Am hoping someone on here may have a magic fix!!

    Any ideas??

    Cheers :Smile:
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    I have seen genuine ones on ebay otherwise HH?