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    Hi all

    This might be a longshot but here it goes,

    Has anyone here installed a parrot handsfree device in their 8th Generation accord?

    Why im asking is because a previous owner installed one and i have some questions(some issues) about it, and getting answers from someone with the same car would be more helpful than generic answers from the parrot forum(that seems dead) :Smile:

    For info, the issues...
    Most of the time right channel is not present.
    Seems to not use the tweeters only the door speakers.
    Very low volume when speaking on the phone.
    Minor issue, have to turn the volume up pretty high on the OEM amplifier when listening to music...
    Also in there a way to connect this so there isn't a need for 3 amplification? Phone + parrot + OEM amplifier...

    The parrot model is i9200 I think.. a wireless remote and a little screen...

    At this point I'm thinking of ripping this out and using the OEM aux 3.5mm in the console between the seats and install a real 2 din replacement later on... if there isn't a way to cerrect these problems, maybe some loose wiring or something like that.. will use the 2 din guide on this forum some time to check how it looks in there... but as I said would be really nice to have some opinions from someone that has the same device and car and who lows the capabilities of the combination...

    Many thanks