General Parrot CK3100 vs Bury CC9058 - Hands Free + Bluetooth Professionally Fitted

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    Hi There - I couldn't find either of these makes of Bluetooth hands free kits on searching so have started a new thread. Has anyone got any experience of either of these they would be willing to share to help me decide which one to opt for please? I have been told by a supplier that the Bury unit is the newest & best offering.

    I have been quoted £250 to have either of them professionally fitted at my home (Swansea Valley) with a 12 month warranty covering parts, labour & call out fees. I have sat-nav & an in dash 6-CD Changer which I don't want to lose access to & get the impression this makes the process a bit more complicated. The necessary kit comes to ~£150 making the installation charge about £100 - I have drawn a complete blank up 'til now in finding anyone local who is willing to supply & fit (including my local Honda dealer) so these prices are from a company based in Watford who offer a national service.

    Many thanks for your time.
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    Hmm Sounds a little pricey to me, Parrot C3100, you should be able to source for under £100 and fitting should take under an hour. If I recall correctly you don't need any additional extras for it to interface with the Honda head unit either.

    Lets see what others have to say.
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    I have a bury CC9060 fitted in my taxi and in my opinion the sound quality is crap. A taxi driving friend of mine has a parrot in his car ( not sure what model ) and it is a MUCH better sound.
    Regards fitting, motorlec in south cornelly can supply and fit a parrot system for you.
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    Thank you Jaytip for your comments - much appreciated, and for the lead to an installer - it would be a bit of a trek but useful to know & may well be what I opt for. Sadly my Accord is poorly at the moment so until it's sorted & I know how much I'm going to have to fork out this will have to remain on my 'wish list'.

    Best wishes - Denny