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Discussion in 'H-Tune' started by nsxer, Thursday 18th Jun, 2015.

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    great to have another potential source for parts

    checked the website out there breifly ... raft of stuff on there and appreciate that this might be hard to do but it would be cool if you can search by model i.e. CR-V. i went to honda parts for example but there is no easy way to navigate and view all the honda parts available.

    maybe i am not navigating right but this type of feature would be great
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  3. H-Tune Performance Parts Trader

    Hey @nsxer, it's something we have coming up soon. Leo recently rebuilt the store and we need to re-add the feature, and also re-associate every single part manually.

    Together with some other under the hood changes for each listing, we're getting through it bit by bit :Smile: We also have several thousand new parts to add in!
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