Body, Paint & Styling Pen fell into console

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    Can anyone help me and tell me how to remove my drinks holder from my car... A pen has fell down the gap between the lid and the handbrake when the lid is opening and now the lid will not open fully... How do I remove the surrounds around hand brake etc to get pen out, I tried to Pull it but dist know if this was correct and did t want to break it!!! I need my coffee holder back!
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    Sure I can could you take a few pictures of the stuck pen ? just for others to see it.

    I will get the guide up shortly.
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    For your car the Manual trasnsmission. Lower the shift lever boot (A) to release the hooks (B) from the boot, then remove the shift knob (C).

    8th gen Center Console Panel Removal.

    Remove the center console panel (A).

    Open the ashtray lid (B) and the cigarette lighter lid (C).

    Gently pull the front edge of the panel up by hand to make a gap, and pry the panel with the appropriate trim tool to detach the front clips (D, E).

    8th gen Center Console Panel Removal-2.
    With the appropriate trim tool, hook the edge of the panel beside the parking brake lever up to detach the clip (F).

    Pull the panel up to detach the clips (G) along the edge of the panel.

    With seat heater: Disconnect the driver's seat heater switch connector (H) and the front passenger's seat heater switch connector (I).

    8th gen Center Console Panel Removal-3.

    Remove the screws (A, B), then separate the front panel (C), the rear panel (D), and the beverage holder (E).

    Remove the screws (F), then remove the shift lever boot (G).

    please do post the real life DIY mate :Thumbup:
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    Sure here are a few pics, not that easy to see the actual pen but i know its in there!!

    Here is the lid when it is closed down.

    Then with the lid open as far as it goes you can now see where the pen fell through.

    You can just about see the green pen from this pic with the rubber inside the cup holder puller back.

    I wouldn't mind leaving it in there if the lid opened full but it only opens 3/4 of the way.
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    ahh i see you have a Type-S or EX-GT type of gear knob there is a different procedure to remove it.

    Lower the shift lever boot (A) to release the hooks (B) from the spacer (C). Using a 17 mm wrench, loosen the spacer, then remove the shift knob (D) and the spacer.

    Type 2 gear knob 8th gen.
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    Thanks CJ!!
    Great help thanks, won't get round to it today as I am heading to dublin to run the marathon tomorrow!! But when I do I will post pics!!
    Just one thing... what is a trim removal tool or what else could I use if I don't have one of these? And yeh my car is the EX GT.
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    Leon your welcome bud, best of luck for your Marathon tomorrow, hope you do well.

    As for the trim removal have a look at this

    if you haven't got it use flat head scredrivers tapped up with masking tape to insulate it, but don't use then as a leveraging tool as it will leave witness marks at the point of impact,

    you don't want to leave a mark on your pristine center console.:Thumbup:
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    Hi Everyone,Only getting round to do this today and get my drink holder back into action!! Thanks CJ for the info, it wasa greathelp... Ihope these pictures will be of help to anyone who needs it. I used a Stanley knife blade and it worked great for me... the only two clips that were tricky were the two clips closest to the arm rest/cool box. Once removed and disconnected from heated seat wiring I did not have to seperate the drink holder as the pen fell out as I turned the console upside down and shook it about. putting everything back together was simple then. The whole thing took me under 20mins to do I would say. Really pleased to have the holder opening fully again.. Ohh an PS for anyone that is interested, I finshed the Dublin Marathon in 3HRS 27MINS.

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    Job done and congrats for running marathon,i would be only be able to run to the pub for a Guinness.
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    Thanks lads....
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    Type-S grip pad

    Glad it all worked out fella, a cheap set of mobile phone tools from the bay are worth having in a drawer.
    Thread reminded me that I want some rubber matting for the cubby holes, storage bits etc and found Type-S non-slip dashboard mat NEW
    Maybe right for someone.
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    This is an old thread but very useful.
    Ok Iv ordered a skunk 2 weighted gear knob and thinking what is the best way to fit.
    My car is an EX so a slightly different set up.
    The best way I can think is but a Type-S spacer for the fitment.
    Can anyone tell me if this will fit and also if the boot is different in the Type-S and will need to replace as well for a perfect fit.
    The skunk2 is a similar shape to the Type-S knob.
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    You don't need to replace boot but i did because mine was worn out.
    @SpeedyGee fitted mine for me so he might be able to explain better then me.

  15. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    @AccordCU2 I think what we did was :-
    • unscrew the original knob
    • screw new on
    • lift the entire trim piece up from the bottom
    • from underneath use a cable tie to secure the boot to shift lever/rod, so that it tightly grabs the rod
    • push the boot up against the new knob
    • refit the trim piece
    Job done.
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    United Kingdom Brett Bristol
    Thanks guys and that looks the part Zoran.
    Hopefully mine will be hear tomorrow