Facelift Model peoples opinion of the new Jazz compared to previous

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    i just wanted to guage opinion on what people thought of the new Jazz's image compared to its previous incarnation. personaly i thought the old Jazz was more of a pentioners weekend warrior all be it supper reliable and no doubt a brilliant car. however, i think they have hit the nail on the head with the latest Jazz in terms of style and i wouldn't think twice about considdering buying one! the new i-VTEC 1.4 is spirited enough and cabin is modern and not too cheep. ohh and the reliabilty still seams to be there.......touch wood!.....has the image change made you more inclined to considder a Jazz????
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    Infact I was talking to the rest at HH guys the other day the Jazz hybrid looks like a really well put together car. I am planning to down size my wifes car as she barely does 5 thousand miles a year now. Her 2004 Tourer is knocking on a bit now and it needs to be replaced.

    Coupled with the fact zero VED the savings soon start to mount and it make the Jazz more favourable. I have always like the Jazz for it fluid smooth operation and clever seats and overall superb drive.

    I would have one in the house for sure any day over any other car. just just does everything you ask from it.
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    i had one of them for a day from HH as a courtesy car recently when i had my clutch changed.it was brand new with 300 miles on the clock.very nice car and surprisingly roomy inside.i will be looking to buy one sometime next year.
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    came back in one today auto it was really smooth was quite surprised
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    Amazing how much space they have - fantastic design - feels like driving a van.
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    Can you post a link or something of a new Jazz? I an from Florida we didn't get new ones yet and we call them Fit :Smile:
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    We've just picked up our new Jazz, and although we liked our 2004 and 2007 versions, this 2012 petrol model is just so much better in every way. The larger front quarterlight windows and climate control just knock the spots off the old ones, and whilst the seats are much nicer, I felt that the overall quality of the hard plastics actually wasn't quite as nice. Suspension is vastly improved (something Honda have been working on from Day 1). As for image, it is definitely a much sharper design these days, which from my experience is definitely attracting younger drivers (better colours would help). As for the hybrid, I'm not convinced it's worth the extra up-front money. With VED being about £100 and our current MPG resting at about 50 around town (and it only has 60 miles on the clock), it would take a long time to recoup the initial outlay.

    Either way, a great car, that does exactly what a small car should (although I'm still not sure how they made it so big inside).
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    I had a 1.4 EX-T as a loaner when my Accord went for a service late last year.

    I absolutely LOVED it. Massive inside, boot space is fantastic. Gave me nearly 60mpg - round the town!

    If I had the money to buy another car and keep the Accord as well, then I would not hesitate to buy the Jazz. Its a fantastic car and there's a damn good reason why it tops the reliability and satisfaction contests each and every year - as an all-round automobile, it is the perfect package.
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    There is only one Jazz I would buy that will be the Jazz Hybrid , no offence to the workers and Swindon factory but the Japanese built Jazz Hybrid are ahead on overall qaulity game .

    I have driven all the variants of the non hybrid Jazz but I have always found the European plastic quality iffy. its only in this area the Swindon Jazz is short otherwise its a cracking car.

    My daughter was down with me when i was getting my car MOT'd last month at Holdcroft Honda, and she loved it to bits.She wants a pink one when she is driving.:Whistle: