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    Hi, I was wondering what the best Makes are, for a decent Cat-back system for my 03 Type-S (twin exhaust)
    I would loke power, but also a good sound, but not that overkill soumd little corsa boy racers make :Tongue:
    Not too loud but a good roar. :Smile:

    I have looked at "Greddy Evo 2"
    Also "skunk 2" -
    Also will systems form America fit on my honda that us meant for thier equivalent Acura Tsx??
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    Hi bud,

    Sorry no one has bothered to respond, everyone is on LONG hols. In my eyes if you have the dosh Fujitsubo Legalis-R Exhaust all day long if your budget can stretch that far, or get it copied by your local stainless fabricator.

    The sound is no where close to real life as you need a professional mic. also look up on youtube search for Fujitsubo Legalis-R Exhaust CL9

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    Thanks for the reply :Tongue:
    I was wondering where everyone went to.
    Yea ill look into that :Smile:
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    I looked up the Fujitsubo that u recommend, and yea im pretty impressed so far, but i can't find anywhere that will sell it, or even deliver to Uk... Any ideas??