General Petition against lowering the French motorway speed limit to 90 kph( 56 mph)

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    Petition against French 90 kph motorway speed limit.

    For those of you who venture over the channel you will usually have to transit France to get anywhere else in Europe.

    This is an urgent request from the Ligue de Defense de Conducteurs (they are a sort of french version of the Association/Alliance of British Drivers)- to gather signatures for a petition protesting against the french government's plans to reduce speed limits on motorways and dual carriageways to 90 kph.

    Having failed to convince the motoring public of the need to reduce speed limits to reduce accidents, this time the basis for the plan is to reduce pollution not the usual road safety excuse.

    As a strange twist, if the government gets it's way, the decision to reduce speed limits will be left to local mayors, so the national government is not seen to be repressive.

    Seems like a good petition to sign.

    Link to petition:-

    Non au 90 km/h sur autoroute

    Here is a google translation of part of the email they sent me:-

    If we do not act now, tomorrow is a generalized lowering of speed on highway ahead.
    In addition to further penalize drivers, lower highway speed is totally against-productive in terms of road safety:
    A 130 km / h, drowsiness is already the leading cause of death on the highway. A 90 km / h, the risk of drowsiness will be exacerbated, and accidents are likely to multiply.
    Moreover, for the new lowering speed project, the government does not even dare to use the security argument now, thanks to our great campaigns against-information, most French know that the speed and road deaths are unrelated, and that the highways are, by far, the safest roads.
    So, this time, they took as a pretext pollution.
    And tomorrow, what will be the new excuse to impose a further decline in totally absurd and unjustified speed?
    This is what happened on the Paris ring: Security first, then pollution, noise and now ...
    The anti-car environmentalists elected are willing to use every argument to tap on the car and drivers!
    That is why we must mobilize now to Stop this absurd project. Please, quickly sign our petition "No to the limitation to 90 km / h on the motorway" .

    Thanks to all Honda Karma inhabitants!
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    Seems like a contradiction to me. Are they supposed to be unrelated or not?