Off-Topic Petrol and Diesel cars to be banned by 2040

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Ichiban, Friday 9th Aug, 2013.

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    Pfft, as if.
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    I don't see lib dems being voted in for the next 50 years at least
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    The political landscape could look pretty different in the next 10 years, so who knows what may happen...and if we have constant coalition Government, all sorts of madness could get pushed through. Can't see this one though, not unless hydrogen cell powered cars become an affordable reality. Aren't Honda at the heart of that development? We could all be driving FCX Clarity's and looking at BMW's in museums (and in scrapyards!) :Happy:

    My money is on the Lib Dems tearing themselves apart after the next election, with the SDP wing (Cable) of the party going back to Labour, and the "Orange Book" group (Clegg, Alexander) moving towards a new centre party...

    ...created as the right wing of the Conservatives could split away to join up with UKIP, leaving the Conservative centre (Cameron) to form a new "progressive" party...probably called the "Progressive Party" or "Christian Democrats" with purple as its colour.

    Remember, you heard it here first!! :Wink:
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    This sounds like one of them 'Tomorrow's World' things - We'll all be driving flying cars by the year 2000!
    Yeah, that never happened did it!! :Rolf:

    Electric cars are not an option for the future as the range and time to take to charge is just not realistic. Hydrogen cars don't have the infrastructure and won't get it because there isn't the political will or the money to make it happen. The only viable alternative is hybrid cars, driven by electric motors and powered by a small petrol or diesel generator which is not connected to the drive train. The same concept as with diesel-electric trains.