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    On AOC we like to refer our cars by a chassis codes, so if you find someone saying CL7 or CL9 this thread should be helpful.

    For all 7th Generation saloon owners your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number ) is made up of 17 characters. Please note this example of of a facelift 7th Generation Accord, prefacelift models do have some minor changes in engine as well as gearbox codes.


    Expanding the VIN for ease of identification

    JHM= A
    CL7= B
    6 = C
    8= D

    0= E
    7= F
    C= G
    = H

    A. Manufacturer, Make and Type of Vehicle
    JHM: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    Honda passenger vehicle

    B. Line, Body and Engine Type
    CL7: CL7: Accord/K20Z2
    CL9: Accord/K24A3

    C. Body Type and Transmission Type
    5: 4-door Saloon/5-speed Manual, 6-speed Manual
    6: 4-door Saloon/5-speed Automatic

    D. Vehicle Grade (Series)
    0: 2.4 Executive-E
    1: 2.4 Executive-E
    2: 2.0 SE, 2.0 Comfort
    3: 2.4
    4: 2.0 Type-S, 2.0 Sport, 2.4 Type-S,2.4 with Navigation System
    5: 2.0 Type-S with Navigation System, 2.0 Sport with Navigation System, 2.4 Type-S
    with Navigation System, 2.4 Sports
    7: 2.4 Sports with Navigation System,
    8: 2.0 Executive, 2.4 Executive
    9: 2.0 Executive with Navigation System, 2.4 Executive with Navigation System

    E. Fixed Code

    . Model Year
    7: '07

    G. Factory Code
    C: Saitama Factory in Japan

    Engine Number

    K20Z2 2200001



    A. Engine Type
    K20Z2: 2.0 L DOHC i-VTEC Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected engine
    K24A3: 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected engine

    B. Serial Number
    2100001−: K20Z2 engine (KE, KG models)
    2200001−: K20Z2 engine (KB model)
    5000001−: K24A3 engine

    Transmission Number

    ARK5 5000001


    B =5000001

    A. Transmission Type
    ARK5: 5-speed Manual
    ARK7: 5-speed Manual
    AST5: 6-speed Manual
    MCTA: 5-speed Automatic
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    Bump to a couple of these VIN related thread as i was asked by PM how to decode them.