Fuel Efficiency Petrol vs Diesel automatic - advice needed

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    Hi Guys

    Currently drive an 06 Accord Ex 2.2D which i've been very happy with however I desperately want to get an automatic due to traffic nearly every day, I do about 14000 miles (mainly motorway), I was thinking of getting the 09 Diesel Auto, budget is 8-9k so will probably have a 100k on the clock, it all seemed so simple until I did some research.
    There are some reports saying they only get mid 30's on the Auto even if 70% motorway, is this really true?! if so its a big step down from my current accord which shows 52mpg, I know its probably not accurate however I definitely get 45mpg and over.

    Some MPG figures from current diesel and petrol owners (only automatic owners!) would be much appreciated as at the moment it looks like a 2.0 petrol might not cost much more to run..

    Thanks :Smile:
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    There is quite a bit of discussion on MPG already in the forum, so worth having a look around.

    I have a 2012 I-DTEC auto, and do mainly motorway driving. I get c45 MPG which I think is pretty typical.
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    Thanks for the reply, would a 2009 model have the same MPG figures? 2012 seems very new so not sure if theres been any improvements made.

    I did have a look and theres some reports of petrol getting 40mpg too, considering petrol is cheaper if the MPG is similiar then I don't see the point of diesel.

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    I might just have to take the hit as I definitely want an automatic, what are peoples opinions on buying one which has already done 100k miles, are there any major costs that I might need to consider? e.g. clutch life or timing chain?
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    Hi corpjones, I drive an 09 2.0 i-VTEC 50 miles daily, about half motorway and consumption is stable at 39.6 MPG, hope this helps.