Engine & Gearbox Pgmi-fi warning light

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    Hi guys, I have the PGMI-FI warning light on I have looked in the book and it says restart the car 3 times in 30 seconds to reset, I have done this and its reset for 1 -2 miles then back on.

    Since I had the DPF filter replaced, 3000 miles ago I have felt the clutch slipping too which is getting worse now.

    Would the two faults be a combination or the clutch cause the fault code? it says in the book something about fuel, but as I said to Honda when I had the argument regarding the DPF I could show them proof I have used Shell fuel for the cars life (i work for them)..

    Any help would be gratefully received as you know my machanical knowledge stops at windscreen wash and oil level....:Unknown:
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    Sorry Andy nobody picked up on this.
    Did they do all the ECU updates on your car? Know we had thread on this but can't seem to find it now.Let me look.
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    The two things won't be related. You would need to get the code read for us to guide you further.

    Hopefully you have resolved the issue by now.