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    Hi all...I have always wanted a Honda,their low profile appealed to me as well as their well known reliability,so when my Citron Xanctia started leaking hydrolic fluid in large quantities I knew what to get.
    My car is a Honda Accord VTEC se 1997 cc four door saloon-petrol.Registered new on 05/04/2002.---I acquired it on 12/06/2006-with 22000 miles on the clock from Brindley Honda in Cannock West Midlands--great garage and service!!the car has been great and it has never let me down,it now has 46500 miles on the clock and it has just passed it MOT again without any problem!--now that I am retired,I only do 3000 miles per year,and I don't see any reason to change it although I think it is very unfair that I should be paying £270 road fund licence for such a low usage of the road!!!

    I have a little problem with the car which has been there from the begining. When I drive the car with the air conditionig off I don't get the problem,but as soon as I switch it on I get a high pitch turbine -like whining sound which makes one think that something is about to break!! it is quite off-putting,and I end up switching off the AC.
    I would greatly appreciate comments,advise,and solutions from you lads that know the ins and outs of the car.

    Kind regards......PHIL
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    Hi Phil,

    Welcome to AOC :Hey:the aircon noise could be the aircon clutch or the belt slipping you best get it checked out by a qualified aircon chap.

    I do agree with petrol VED rates are scandalous and on the other side diesel cars with their remaps and DPF removed pay a fraction.

    Hope someone closes the loophole.