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    This is only a photoshop with grille n DRL on my car but its what im looking at doing. What u think?

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    It looks good:Thumbup:

    Have you seen these SIDE SMD I think if you can get them fitted either on the top or bottom of the headlights it would look more like an OEM fitment.
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    Only thing with these is that it would involve messing with the headlight housing and i don't want to touch that. Trying to find DRL's that have the on/off relay, that are bright for under £50. Planning to install myself and im a beginner when it comes to electrics.
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    Try have a look at the Ring Automotive Lyra Day/Night DRLs, they will dim at night to add just styling basically when dipped beams are on. I was thinking of getting these soon and i've bought a lot of ring automotive gadgets and always been happy with the. They have about 18 LEDs across and seems to be a nice wide size for a larger car such as the accord, if you check their website out or search on Youtube you can find a video of how they look on some 4x4 if I remember correctly. Also if you wanted they would fit perfectly either side of your number plate and not block the fog lights, though with your fog light design i don't think they would block them to be honest but i suggest you measure it to make sure.

    You can get them from eBay for about £45 new and I know a local garage near me where I get my servicing sells them for £55 so maybe you have a local you want to support and could even do you a deal on fitting if you not sure how to wire it all up. Which is a bargain seeing as Halfords sell them for £70.
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    Thanx for the advise!! I just checked them out and the look n sound really goood!! And iv seen them on ebay for £38 inc delivery! Whats the local garage near you called? I dnt live too far from birmingham! Just need sumone reliable to fit them.
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    It's look good bud, however it may not be to the taste of a lot of owners. Looking forward to see them on our car.:Thumbup:
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    Well the "local" garage isn't very local to Birmingham. Its called Lloyd’s Garage in Stourport on Seven, DY139QB and its where I first saw these Ring Automotive DRLs, so I decided to check them out on the internet. I go the garage to get my Accord's service and MOT, as its local to my parents and they've been taking their Honda's there for a few years. I used to use Nationwide Autocentres until Halfords bought them out and all the prices shot up, and found Lloyds to be a lot cheaper and they do a great job. If not I know there is a Brindley Honda dealership in Halesowen, B63 3NS. My dad got his Civic there and the dealership seemed to be very nice, but I'm not sure on their prices as I've never used them, but you could always phone/email them for a quote.

    Anyway good luck with your DRL's and I’d love to see a photo when your done to see how good they look. I've got to fix a damaged passenger side fog light assembly before I get mine done.
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