ICE & HFT Placing a Double Din dvd player in middle compartment.

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    I'm hoping that you might be able to help me out with my Double Din install in my accord.

    This is what I am hoping to achieve:

    Using: XTRONS 7'' Double 2 Din GPS HD in dash Car DVD Player SAT NAVI Bluetooth MP3 AUX | eBay this player

    and : Double Din Stereo Facia for HONDA Accord Radio Panel Fascia Plate Frame CD Trim | eBay

    I am not overly worried about fitting the player in, this shouldn't be a problem, what I'm more worried about is the wiring.

    Q1) Is it just a case of taking the ISO, steering wheel control cable, and antenna cables from the old cd player unit and then plugging them into the new double din unit?

    Q2) If I do this will I still have use of my climate control?

    Sorry I should also say that I'm from Ireland and I think the Honda Accord here is knowing as the Acura TSX in America.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Does your Accord have Sat Nav screen or is it the non Sat Nav version ?