General Play order for MP3 file on USB storage

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    I've been gritting my teeth for some weeks since I started using a USB stick with MP3 files on it, nothing I did would make any difference to the play order, and that order made no sense either.

    I have since discovered that the ICE is not too bright and what it does is it plays the files in the order that the FAT32 directory structure was written, sequenced by directory and then files within the directory.

    I found the following software:

    Anerty's Lair - DriveSort

    which claims to be able to rewrite the directory structure so that you can define your own order.

    I have, as yet, not tried it out, but I thought that other people who prefer their (particularly live) albums to play in the order that their creators intended.

    Hope it works for you :Smile:
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    Hmmm may take a look at that for my wifes car. She's got a Pioneer sat nav in it and the 8GB micro sd card is just random!
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