Fuel Efficiency Pleasantly impressed with long drive fuel economy

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    My normal routes take me in and around Sheffield and I average 38mpg, which I was ok with given that I came from a Civic Type-R and taking into account the accord is a large car. However I was away on a stag weekend this last weekend and going from Sheffield to South Croydon via the m1, m25, m23 I returned 56 MPG.

    Now there is roadworks a lot of the way so you are stuck at 50 but for the rest of the time I was either stop start on the m25 or I wasn't hanging about.

    Quite impressed.

    As a side note I drove down in one sitting and my word, it's a comfy place to be. In the r I would have stopped to get out of the seat for a stretch. In the accord I could honestly say, I could have driven a lot further.
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    Good to know how well she's performing and yes, the Accord is a very comfortable car to drive. :Niceone:
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    That's good to hear @Nelf.

    Accords are natural long distance cruisers. You won't feel tired or uneasy no matter how longer journey you have.