Show Us Your Car Please help me to value my accord

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    Hi, just need your help. I need to sell my accord, we need more money for remortage over house.
    Accord tourer executive, 56 reg, 2007 reg, estate, silver color, 2.2 diesel, 6 speed, privacy glass, sat nav with newest maps, bluetoth, black leather interior, xenon headlights with washers, FSH, 109k, MOT and tax till December, perfect condition, since one year I replace few things:, rear shock absorbers and anti roll bars, rear brakes, front anti roll bars, manifold (by honda under warranty), reroute drive belt, new battery. Just been serviced (oil, filters etc, motula oil), I have got two keys, all manuals, all invoices since 2007, I'm a second owner, detachable witter towbar, car is in perfect condition apart of few marks and stone chips which is normal for this age.

    Just thingin about how much I can get ? if it will be not enough I will just keep it.

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    Why does your post sound very much like an advert ?? :Blink:

    If you want to know the value of your car why don't you just search auto trader for similar spec'd cars ?