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    I thought of posting the result of my experiment. My Accord Tourer is black, so no easy job.

    I have always used AutoGlym but this time I used the following:

    • TurtleWax Black Box. This contains a Paint Cleaner, a spray and a "carnauba" finishing, plus a couple of microfibre cloths, sponge, etc.
    • Naviwax Ioncoat Dark Colours

    The job was a bit difficult because all doors, water runs, tailgate and bonet insides were done, nothing escaped, including the hardest crevices.

    So, I found that from the Black Box, the only useful product was the paint cleaner. It does the job, decontaminates really well, bringing the paint film to original manufacturer spotless condition. Because it is black, it covers really well small scratches, especially behind the doors handles, etc. Not so good with the larger odd scratch, so for this a manufacturer Paint Pen, will do the job far better. The finishing "carnauba" cream is not that good really, carnauba if any, must be a very low ratio. The spray, which TurtleWax recommends to spray over both the cleaner and the wax to ease removal, makes a pasty mess, so it is best to leave out. The traditional cleaner application, allowing to dry slightly to a haze and then polish it all off, is far better, though involving far more effort, but the result is actually rather good. The Paint comes right up to full gloss and there is no white residue.

    The true gem in my experiment is Naviwax. This is a proper Carnauba based wax, it is obviously Carnauba-rich. This tin which is fairly lare, is going to last a long time. I hardly used any, it goes a long way. Very easy to apply, no drying time. Apply and buff it off, no special effort either, it is a bit like dusting, just pass the buff cloth over it until it disappears. What's more, after buffing the whole car, the cloth residual wax content was great to pass over the glass, which I had previously cleaned with glass cleaner. The wax can be applied safely to plastic trim and even the plastic lights, chrome, etc.

    I applied the wax also to all the insides, water runs, door insides, tailgate inside painted parts and water runs, etc.

    Applying Naviwax is actually so easy that I will actually use it again, after washing and drying. It is that easy! It took me about 30 minutes to apply and buff off the whole car.

    In the end I did my test, throwing a clean microfibre clothe over the paint and it went flying at full speed, landing a good 3 metres away from the car.

    To summarise, would I use these products again? Naviwax, definitely. Black Box not really. Next time will be back to AutoGlym or Meguiars 3 step.

    Lengthy post but the idea was to share in detail, hoping this helps others here in the Comunity.

    Kind regards

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    Polish & Waxing Job

    Good write up.
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    I have bought some of that wax never got round to use it ..:Wink:
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    Great post..

    Like my wax, always trying new ones. Like you have used autoGlym products with varying degrees of success

    Will look this out, must be on eBay freethinking is on there :Smile:
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    :Need Pics:

    Any pics of the finished car???? Might get round to the yearly polish for mine. :Smile:
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    Got to share your girlfriend with us Lj.
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    I've used Carnuba based waxes previously with other vehicles and they always produce a satisfactory finish.

    Thanks for the excellent revew, by the way. I learned a good deal about some products I might want to try out.
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    Sounds good, I'll have to look out for this Naviwax.

    Just spent all afternoon giving mine it's first real polish and my arms are aching!. It had a couple of dull spots from being washed almost daily as a demonstrator. Looking good now, I keep going to the window to have a look...