Detailing polished my bonnet

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    had spare 15 minutes today so tried out wonder polish on my bonnet WOW what a finish I could see my face in it ( horrible sight ) but what shine on my bonnet, can't wait to do the rest of the car :GoodJob: :Happy:
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    :Need Pics:
    Pics are a must next time except "horrible sight" ones :lol:.Just kidding.
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    wish I could put pics on I aint mastered that yet:Search:i am crap with it :Foolish:
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    thanks zoran but CJ gave me that before and still got lost by the time I finished, but will keep trying till I lose patience you know us jocks are thick so it would be easier if there was not so much work involved :Happy::Happy:
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    Jocks are not thick mate,just humble to say openly they are thick..LOL just joking!
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    I have added my car to the garage at least you can see my bonnet :Happy::Happy: I have tried to insert pics following guide but can't get passed the first box which does not have the same choices shown in the guide :Unknown: View attachment 12384 Humber hawk :Happy:

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    Humber hawk
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