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    I tried to leave a comment in the DIY article but it would not let me, hence provided here."Using this as a guide plus a general read of my own manual I had a look at my 8th Generation Pollen Filter at the weekend, it was manky as hell. I quick trip to Honda at lunch time has solved the problem.Anyway, the info in the article was very useful thanks, can you confirm if the air flow direction is the same for the 8th Generation i.e. top to bottom as indicated in your illustration above?Thanks,Neil"
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    Ok I feel like a numpty, I did spot the air flow indicator on the access plate cover and then also found Ichibans 8th Generation service DIY page included the replacement of the 8th Generation filter, dooh! It was a busy week :Smile: The guides are very useful chaps.cheersNeil
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    We've all been there bud. Thanks for reporting back anyway, it may help others too :Thumbup: