Detailing Poor exterior on 6th Generation Accord - how to fix on the cheap?

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    Hi all

    As you guys may or may not know I recently acquired a 99' Honda Accord as my first car from my dad. It had a few issues but all have been rectified for the most part and now all that is left is the exterior condition. I should probably state that I am a student and the cars aesthetics don't concern me too much and I am very money constrained when it comes to cleaning up the exterior. I am not shy of hard work in the slightest though if I am capable of doing it which should help though. Below I have attached four photos with the issues that concern me.

    BACK DRIVER - PHOTO 1: Scratches to plastic bumper - how would I go about painting over it and what named product/s would I need?
    2013-06-21 20.20.35.

    PHOTO 2 - PASSENGER SIDE BETWEEN DOORS - MOST CONCERNING - It was scratched around 3 years ago and never attended to - there is some visible rust, how can I slow down the process and how can I go about repainting/priming it?
    2013-06-21 20.20.43.

    PHOTO 3 - Bonnet of car - Light swirl scratches from badly removed bird poop and use of mechanical car washes etc - is there any way to remove or make it less visible (rubbing compound?) ?
    2013-06-21 20.20.53.

    PHOTO 4 - Wheel - Pretty sure it isn't an alloy, just plastic, how would I go about repainting it and what named products and tools would be required?
    2013-06-21 20.21.09.

    Sorry for the long post and the constant barrage of questions. I genuinely want to restore the car to the best of my ability within £100 (my mums Civic has a few of these issues too so I can split the cost).

    All input is very much appreciated.
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    For Bumper.

    I am by no means an expert of car paints and resprays.In an ideal world that bumper will need a corner respray and blended in to make it look not noticeable from 5 yards. You could get a touch up stick and blend in the dark scratches but it depends on how you layer it on and evenly and smoothly. Even pro painters with a pinstriping brush has years of experience to get it right . so if you do some practice runs then you could do a tidy job.


    I would have suggest dent removers they could get those dents out in that hard corner without the need for painting, but its worse and if money is tight again another masking job with touch up stick.

    Bonnet don't use Tcut or any harsh rubbish compound.. Clay bar the entire bonnet ,de tar it , then use very mild polish (Menzerna Power Finish 203S) with Lake Country Light Cut Hand Pad . A few pea size drops of menz on that pad working in 1 foot section a time in a circular manner work it as firmly and evenly as possible.. until only an oily film remains. Buff off the film carefully using a microfiber cloth.

    Wheels you can key them with a scrubbing pad under the kitchen sink and after a thorough clean then coat them with a stain silver rattle can cheap and cheerful.
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    Okay in this case I am going to try the touch up paint- I have a little experience with this after I painted a large area on my mums Civic. - bought this - plan on painting bumpers and rust etc

    I have looked at some dent pull suction cups on amazon but most of them have very poor reviews, I am willing to try one - worst case scenario I have to send it back. Do you recommend any products for this purpose?
    I plan on touching it up either way with either of the items mentioned above.

    Got the bonnet products today, here is a photo - pretty pleased with it but there are still pretty deep scratches due to mechanical car washes, at least my dad stopped using them :telloff:

    2013-06-25 16.27.30.
    Seems pretty easy, just needs some decent work on it.

    Thank you ever so much for your help once again :Smile:
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    If spraying spot repairs grab a can of paint leveller as it's excellent for blending.
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    Thanks for your input, I managed to fix the above issues within my abilities and budget constraints and honestly I'm pretty happy with it :Smile: