Bulletins & Advisories Poor Idle at Cold Start, Smart Entry Vehicles Only

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    Honda TSB SN-03-005-00 dated 06-03-13 affecting CR-V I-DTEC RE6 all 2013 model year production


    Poor/unstable engine idle immediately after cold start in very low ambient temperatures. Note: Smart entry vehicles will only show Glow Plug lamp (engine pre-heat) for a short period before engine start.
    Glow Plug.JPG

    This is correct operation and not related to this issue.

    The Cause
    Target engine idle speed too low during cold start conditions.

    The Fix

    Engine ECU software changed to increase idle speed during cold start. if CR-V owners encountered this issue please book your car in for an update the ECM software using Ver 3.007.011 (Jan 2013) or later.

    The update will take no longer than 20 minutes to apply.
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    Re: 4th Generation Poor Idle at Cold Start Smart Entry Vehicles Only

    Just a bump for all 4th Generation CR-V owners in case they have not seen this :Thumbup: