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    at the weekend I managed to get some time away and decided to go to sunny Barmouth in my 2.0 VTEC 3rd Generation. Having had the car for a couple of years I thought that I knew its good and bad points until I travelled through Wales towards Barmouth. I could not get over how sluggish the car was on the hills! As soon as I started going up some of the hills I realised just how good the diesel engine was compared to my petrol. With the diesel I could travel up most of the hills in 4th gear and accelerate away with ease. My poor petrol basically sat there until I changed down at least two gears until the VTEC came into play. Once this happened the car immediately lurched forward and allowed me to climb with ease but I felt that I was having to really drive the car hard to achieve any positive progress.
    I was really disappointed. I wonder how the farmers in Wales who tow cattle trailers get on if they have a petrol CR-V- may be they only use diesels.
    Mike c
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    We're off to North Devon in ours in a few weeks - also a petrol (auto). I'm expecting to have to work it hard on some of the hills, but getting there will be a breeze!

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    its a VTEC lump you need to rev it to drive it :Smile:
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    I've got to agree with the above, the mother jumps into my Accord and she's shifting gears every 1000 revs and getting nowhere. I'm there in her ear saying "it's a high revving petrol engine, use the band, then skip gears to cruise". I was actually climbing some big hills in my Accord earlier, I hit them still cruising in 4th at 30mph and I was barely keeping myself going, down into 2nd and into the upper rev band and she sailed through as expected.

    Don't be afraid to get into that higher band, the 2L engines have some torque but it's not at the start of a gear like a diesel, it's in the upper band - that's what VTEC is all about, low end quiet cruising, high end performance.

    Put your foot down in 2nd, get close to the rev limiter before changing up and see how she does.
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    That was my understanding; I'm not expecting diesel like torque at the low end of the rev range.
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    True but the autobox is quite flexible to provide you that extra torque , just put it lower range gear you will find Honda autoboxed perform better on hill terrain when not in D :Smile:
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    Honda engineering shines with the Auto box. Hills are effortless because it's always in the right gear. Auto every time for me.
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    Phillip Whitstable, Kent
    We're in Devon right now and I am very happy with how the auto box has performed, particularly going up hills. Going down the steep ones (25%) I've learned to slip it in to D1. So far there has only been one occasion where I wanted the control of a manual, but you can't have both! Overall still very happy with the car.
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