ICE & HFT Poor Radio Reception AM/LW

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    England CJ Leeds
    FR-V Owners Chassis code BE1, BE3, BE5 of Production year 2005 & 2006

    The Symptom
    Customer complains that when driving under or alongside electricity pylons they cannot hear the radio clearly due to interference.

    The Cause
    The antenna amplifier picks up frequencies beyond AM/LW bandwidths. These low frequency waves, such as power lines are amplified, resulting in noise interference and poor reception.

    The Fix
    Addition of a filter in the feeder antenna to cut off the unnecessary frequency band for AM/LW radio reception.Please note this is a long and lengthy process to add the new Feeder Antenna. The total time to replace this one part is in excess of three and half hours.

    A lot of trim and component have to be removed to gain access and install the new part.if you need the dealer to to investigate this issue and take remedial action please drop in and let them have a look.