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    Honda have issued the following TSB# HUK000000000652 dated 16-08-05 for FR-V BE1 & BE5 for all Model year 2005 MY05.

    Poor radio reception and/or strong interference.

    The antenna feeder assy. does not have proper connection to the body ground due to paint thickness.

    The shape of the metal tabs on the antenna feeder assy, fitting has been changed to improve contact to body ground.

    Application to Production Line

    All vehicles with VINs after those shown will have the improved grounding process applied on the production line.

    Repair Method
    Repair to be carried out on customer complaint only. Loosen the antenna feeder assy, and check if the metal fitting is properly grounded. If not, remove some paint using sanding paper. Make sure to apply a small amount of grease to the area to prevent corrosion.

    Parts Information

    0151A4 BASE, ANTENNA - Replace - 0.8 hrs
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