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    Just returned from my first outing with the van on the back. weight of van approx 1400kg and a 240 mile round trip.
    Really had to work through the gears to maintain any sort of speed and found the CR-V gutless on any steep hill.
    Also found the engine to be "pinking" if diesels do this? .just wondering if anyone else as towed with a CR-V and what sort of performance they got.
    I am wondering if super market fuel is not helping and wound the engine pinking cause a lack of power?
    Previously towed with a 140 bhs Mondeo which was no trouble at all and seemed to have plenty in reserve.
    CR-V IS 2.2 150 BHP with 36k on the clock.
    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Regards Trend07

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    I'm no expert on this but it could be that the car may have reduced power due to the EGR being sooted up. Maybe give the car a good blast to blow any soot out?
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    In my experience all cars perform a bit worse on supermarket fuel compared to Shell/BP counterparts, that said I've very little experience with diesel. As Jason says, give her a good long blast down the motorway to clear out any carbon in the system for sure. Worth checking your air filter to make sure it isn't clogged and starving the engine.

    As for the towing performance itself, I can't speak to it but other members on here have been towing caravans and the like with good feedback.
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    Thanks for the replys.
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    Just returned from my second trip out towing with my CR-V. First was disappointing. Even more so after filling up and traveling solo. Only did about 32 MPG on Texaco fuel. This time it did 30mpg towing. Fuel make certainly seems to make a difference.
    Now doing about 42mpg solo and 30mpg towing.
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    I have a 3rd Generation diesel manual, and have just returned from a second month abroad towing. This time it was across the hills and round the Pyrenees. I get 40 normal MPG, 50mpg if trying hard... without the caravan. With the van I get 30mpg. I have found the car to be an excellent tow car, maintaining 6th on motorways and autoroutes, providing I keep the revs at about 2000rpm which seems to be the best torque/MPG/speed balance for my outfit, I tow at 58-65mph. Torque drops off at about 1800rpm. Solo MPG drops off above 60(ish). No problems on hills and hairpins/suchlike. I think your van is heavier than mine (14ft adria), maybe with a lot of kit in it too, although a load of wine coming home made little difference to us!
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    Here's the graphs for both of the Honda 2.2 diesels (I know it says Civic but the setup should be the same I believe).


    Keeping it at 2,000rpm upwards will allow you to maximise the torque and luckily the I-DTEC holds it's maximum torque for longer so you really should be able to tow with ample pulling power.

    I'd definitely stick to BP or Shell's ultra diesels and it could be worth having a look at the EGR valve. Do you notice any black soot from behind if you launch from a standstill in 1st gear?

    Or you could get a remap done :Devil:
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