Bulletins & Advisories Poor Visibility Through the Rear Screen

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    Honda have issued the following TSB#HUK000000000208 dated 30-09-03 for all AP1 made for Model Years 2000 & 2001.

    The following bulletin details methods for improving the visibility through the rear screen on the Honda S2000 as highlighted by Technical Reports received for market complaints.
    The customer complaints on the rear screen have been:
    • Distortions and fold lines
    • Dirt on the rear screen
    • Fine scratching of the screen surface

    • Distortions and fold lines are a normal result of the way the screen is stored when the soft-top is put down.
    • The material of the rear screen (Vinyl chloride) tends to attract dirt to the screen surface.
    • These symptoms do not only occur on the S2000, but also on similar competitor models.

    Customer handling
    Please explain to the customer that there is not a technical defect. The symptoms are typical for this kind of material.
    The procedures below can be used to help maintain the appearance of the rear screen.

    1. Distortion and fold lines
    These can be removed by the following procedure :
    • Heat approximately 2 litres of water to about 80ºC.
    ap1 screen.
    • Slowly pour the water over the rear screen in a side-to-side motion. The hot water will soften the vinyl, flattening out
    the distortions and fold lines.

    Caution: Hot water will run out of the body drains near your feet. Care must be taken to avoid contact between the hot
    water and your person.
    The first application may not fully eliminate all scratches, re-apply if necessary using the same method as above.

    2. Dirt and fine scratches
    • Spray the window with water, and gently wipe off any dirt or dust by wiping in an upward, sweeping motion.
    ap1 screen1.
    • Spray Honda Plastic Cleaner (available under part number 08C12-A01-12S) onto the screen, and wipe it off with a clean, static-free cloth.
    Apply sufficient pressure to remove any residue.
    Note: Do not use this plastic cleaner if the area to be treated is hot.
    Wipe the cleaner off as quickly as possible, if left on the screen for a prolonged period dark spots may appear on the
    ap1 screen2.

    Honda Plastic Cleaner 08C12-A01-12S