Engine & Gearbox poorly 2.4 accord

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    h,i newbie here
    i have an opition to buy a 53 plate 2.4 accord...cheap
    the catch is the tensioner on the timing chain siezed and it slipped a tooth, it then has been stood a year
    the engine seems to have no internal damage, he said when it reved over 2000 RPM it ran fine, only rough idle
    i need to buy a timing chain kit but they only seem to be avaliable at the dealers, is there anywhere else (e.g vauxhall have auto vaux for cheap genuin parts)
    i have all the information i need to attempt the timing chain (i am a mechainc by trade) but are there any tips or more info that anyone can spare?
    i havent bought it yet and still uming and aring
    its had a need clutch kit and if i get it running be a top car
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    If you use Holcroft Honda (they have an area on the forum) you will get a discount on OE parts.
    Best of luck fella.
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    Sounds worth going for, these are great cars - will you be having a peep under the valve cover first though?

    I think the crank pulley bolt might need a special tool.
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    Yeah the valve cover is off, there is surface rust on the cams, but thats all it is,
    crank pully? now he was having trouble with that, being too tight, don't know about special tool, tell me more :Smile:
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  6. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Yep you need one of them and very very long extension. I undid of these bolts last week.

    I used a crank pulley holding tool (not the laser one that Cliff pointed out above but similar). With this holding the pulley in place, I put two extensions on the bolt so that breaker bar would be outside the wheel arch. I then put a 5 foot long square bar extension onto the breaker bar. With the extension fully vertical I pull it a good 90 degrees. Even with all that torsion built up the bolt was not budging ! I had to repeat the pull about 4 times before the bolt finally let go !

    The crank pulley bolt is done up to 240Nm so its no wonder its hard to undo.

    Without a crank pulley holding tool you could try heating it with an OA torch, then get an air impact gun on it . Be careful not to overheat as you could damage the crankshaft oil seal.
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    thanks for all this.
    my work involves torque of 350nm plus so should be nothing i havent had to struggle with before,
    do you take the inner arch out or is it struggle in the space honda give you?
    do you need to replace the crank oil seal, would it be false economy not too with it being stripped down?
    does anyone have a how too on the timing chain for the accord i have one for the 2004 acura tsx 2.4 or will that be good enough?
    by the sounds of it the worry of this job is getting the crank off.
    its like an interagation with all these questions haha, but all taken in and is a massive help
  8. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I don't normally remove the inner wing liner.

    Oil seal .. up to you have a look if it looks OK.

    CJ, can you drop a timing chain diagram on here please.

    Basically the process is line up cylinder number one at TDC by using the markings on the crankshaft.

    Then line up the camshafts at TDC markings, install the chain so that punched marks on the camshaft sprockets sit in between the coloured links on the chain.

    Install the tensioner and unlock it, as you unlock it ensure that non of the timing settings move off their marks.

    Yes, your right getting the crank pulley off is the trickiest part. Also takes time to get all the bolts off the side casing.

    No worries about interrogation, we are all here to help each other :Smile:
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    every little helps, thanks
    i'm going to get my friend at work to make a locking tool, no point splashing £40 on something i won't use more than every blue moon,
    found this on the internet
  11. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    If you find a nut big enough then fair enough, but where do you get one that size .. 50mm wide ?

    Plus it'll need good quality welds otherwise you risk causing yourself injury or damage to the car if the tool fails when you load it up with force.

    There is a cheaper alternative to the £42 tool ... Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool ( 50mm ) Rover & Honda | eBay
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    i work as a bus mechanic, plenty of big things and theres a body lad that used to weld ambulance chassis, just got to get the raw materials, prob end up using my other mates battery powered impact gun
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    the accord has arrived and has been stripped ready for me to attack the crank pulley, cars looking ok and i can't wait to get in running and cleaned up
  14. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Nice one ! Make sure you take plenty of pictures and document your experience in this thread :Smile:
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    as you can see, as soon as the car touched the drive i stripped it ready to attack the carnk pulley,
    the next two pics show what state the body work and interior is in after a year of standing,
    got my work cut out i think, but when i've finished it'll be like new...i hope
  16. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Nice one, looks in pretty good nick for something that has been stood still for a year.

    Probably the least of your worries at the moment but out of curiosity what condition are the brake discs in ?

    Will you be doing all the work on the drive ?
  17. waggy02 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    discs are shot,
    alloys aren't much better.
    yeah will be doing everything on my drive,
  18. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Thought they'd look like that.

    Looking at your pics have got me itching to do another engine project (and I've only just finished one LOL). Love working on the K series engines.

    One tip for when you take the cam follower assembly off is use tie clips to hold each set of cam followers together. Othewise you may find half the springs and caps end up all over your drive.

    Have a look at the third picture in this post to see what I mean :-

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    got my tool through today...absolute god send, always easier with the right tools.
    so i jumped in with both feet, removing the engine mounting and water pipe for access, i then removed what i thought was all the bolts out of the timing case and attepted to remove the cover...after a little while of prising and pulling i got my mirror out to find there was 1 bolt hidden...gutted, so removed that and the timing case fell off, i then removed the guides and chain after setting the marks of course.
    then it was a favorite for any mechanic, the cleaning of all the mounting faces...fun (needed an apprentice)
    so thats where i finished day 1
    hope the weather holds up tomorrow and a friend comes to help
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  20. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Good going ? You say your "tool" arrived, so did you order a crank pulley holding tool then ?

    Ie you didn't get one made up ? just curious.

    So you made some good progress.

    Whats that big bolt sticking out the top of the aux belt tensioner ?

    Did you remove the belt tensioner to get the belt off ?