Suspension, Steering and Brakes Possibility of Longterm Suspension Damage due to Reversing up Kerb every day

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    Sorry I know it's a kind of a "how long is a bit of string" question but here goes.

    Where I live, it is far safer both for traffic and pedestrians and for my alloys and front suspension health to reverse on to my driveway. This involves reversing up a standard highway kerb - there is a ramp but my drive has been widened since the house was built and driving up the ramp would invariably result in grinding the wheelrim/tyre wall over the square kerbstone at the edge of the ramp at some point - so I avoid the ramp if at all possible.

    I reverse slowly up the kerb onto the driveway in the hope that this will have far less serious effects on the rear tracking/alignment than driving on with the wheels at full lock and of course I creep the car off the drive over this kerb to give it as soft a landing onto the road as possible. (as a first time diesel owner I am far more over-conscious of driveshaft long-term health than I ever was with petrols :Whistle:)

    Does anyone else live in a similar scenario and have you had any long term ill effects on your suspension that is probably caused by this or is it just something the occasional trip to the Hunter alignment will control ok?

    I know its a bit of a vague thing to ask and I apologise but if anyone has any better experience of such a scenario it would be good to hear if it is something to worry about or not as I am going to look into asking the council if I can have a full dropped kerb installed and what it will cost if I have to pay (which I am expecting I will have to)


    John. :Thumbup:
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Sorry to hear about your problem.
    I don't know if or what damage this may cause.
    I'm sure the clever guys will have an answer. :SOS:

    I don't like going up kerbs, having cracked a sump in my youth :Blushing:
    Getting the council to lower the kerb ASAP would get my vote :Smile:
  3. PeteMM Premium Member Club Supporter

    Northern Ireland Pete Belfast, UK
    It will never in a million years put the same amount of force into suspension components that every day driving will. Especially the likes of pot holes and speed ramps.

    I wouldn't be overly concerned to be honest
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    I don't know the mechanics behind this or anything but my Accords done this on a daily basis pretty much since 03 at faster speeds and so far no problems, plus its a Swindon wagon unlike yours.
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    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    Your clutch will wear quicker I would of thought. Not sure about the suspension.
  6. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    That explains a lot in that case, mine went at 72k
  7. Doc Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Matt Peterborough
    I'd worry more about the clutch first as well. The slower you approach the kerb the more you will strain the engine and clutch.

    Simple answer is put a small plank of wood against the kerb. Turn 1 large step into 2 small ones. You could even angle to wood to create a slope. A vast quantity of 'No More Nails' will keep it in place.
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    Cheers JD yes I'm not a fan of going up kerbs but it's not ideal parking on the road here as it's a main estate road and a bus route (if they ever put the service back on)

    I've emailed Northumberland County Council this evening to see what I need to do to look into getting the kerb lowered or at least the concrete ramp extended.

    You're right PeteMM the state of Northumberland roads there is far worse to be concerned about some of the bomb craters we have for pot holes round here :Fear:

    Cheers mate good to know it's been proven not ot cause damage but Accords are bomb-proof after all :Hooray: Nothing wrong with Swindon built Accords. I remember test driving a 6th Generation Sport 1.8 but missed out on buying it - why I didn't just bite the bullet there and then and buy that car I'll never know. :Foolish: 5th and 6th Generation Swindon built Accords are cracking it's a shame that it appears that latterly the rot has set in with the HUK product quality somewhat. My Inbox will now fill with hate mail. :Nuked:

    Yes it seems that he clutch will be the issue. I suppose the suspension has to take 1.6 tonnes (can't believe I-DTEC is that heavy but that's what the V5C says...) hitting ruts at speed do it should not be an issue but tracking maybe? :Unknown:

    Thanks for the replies folks :Niceone:
  9. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Glad to see you're in a better place than yesterday John.
    At least we know now that the kerbs shouldn't have caused that smashing car of yours any damage.
    Good luck with getting the kerbs lowered :Thumbup:
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    I've got to mount the kerb also and do it nice and slow. Had my wheel off and car jacked up yesterday looking at my front drop links and noticed the extreme angle the bushing part was at due to the wheel being dropped so much - makes me wonder how much stress is placed on them and the rubber and other bushings (such as my upper wishbone) as I mount the kerb due to the angles.